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Review of foxy40:

I'll confess to being a bit tired of teen porn. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing quite like the still-budding, barely nubile body. To expect 19 year-olds to know how to pleasure their partners, let alone themselves, is often a bit much to ask however. When it comes to taking pleasure in the presence of mature female sexuality, I'll take mine, um, mature.

While the "over-40" porn niche remains just that, a niche, there's an increasing number of websites devoted to silver-haired sirens these days. Given the independent and amateur production values evident at a lot of these sites, however, it's good to know what you're getting into before putting the credit card on the line. enters the senior porn web-pool boasting more than 50 models appearing in a total of 60 photo galleries and 35 short films. A sizable portion of this content is exclusive to, and what isn't comes from its sister site, If hot and hefty aren't two terms that you generally associate, it's easy enough to steer clear of the hotfat model galleries, but I for one was pleased by the diverse range of body types on display at foxy40.

In addition, its' easy to navigate and browse the photo and film archives and have a good look at the featured models before launching thumbnail galleries. The videos are on the short side, most under two minutes, and are available in QuickTime movie format, often with 3 or 4 choices of quality. Even the low-res files looked quite respectable, but given the short length of the vids, I found it well worth downloading the higher quality files.

Getting into the photo galleries at foxy40, I found a lot to get excited about but a fair bit to moan about (in frustration) as well. On the whole, the models are all very alluring and seem quite comfortable in front of the camera. Many have appeared in Over40 magazine or have some history in the adult industry, and their experience shows in their relaxed and genuinely sexy poses and video performances. The galleries themselves are often split into as many as 8 pages, each with 12-15 thumbnail pics. While I appreciate the quick load times of smaller galleries, I quickly realized that the difference between, say, page 2 of a featured model's spread and page 7 was basically nonexistent. What I mean is that there's nothing resembling narrative progression or development as you move from one page to the next. Each page may include 2 pics of the model fully closed, 6 half-dressed, and four fully naked rather than conveying any sense of a dramatic development from a respectable clothed state to, I dunno, down-on-all-fours waving it in the air for all to see. This somewhat strange organization of the gallery pages may in fact distract viewers from the similarity between shots appearing on different gallery pages but, for me, only brought boredom on that much more quickly.

Finally, regarding the subject matter of foxy40's content, it should be noted that, while there's plenty of "pink," the photographic content on the site falls closer to the glamour model genre than to actual XXX pornography. The videos include a number of blowjob scenes and plenty of dildos, but if short masturbation scenes aren't really your thing, the majority are unlikely to excite. This isn't actually a complaint, however, simply an indication of the subject matter on offer.

Boiled Down. . . has good reason to be as insistent as they are about protecting their models—you won't miss the warnings about the use of "digimarc" encoding (to allow traces on unlicensed distribution of their content). With a limited range of bonus features and the absence of licensed outside content, however, the site may give some members a sense of being somewhat too small for the $25/month price tag. And again, the lack of actual penetration or full love-making scenes of any stripe should be taken into consideration before signing on. This said, if beautiful women with truly adult sexualities are your cup of tea, and if "respectably smutty" best describes the poses you'd like to see those women in, consider an erotic diversion worthy of your hard-earned porn dollar.


30 days: $25, recurring every 30 days

90 days: $60, recurring every 90 days

90 day trial: $50, recurring at $25 every 30 days thereafter

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