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Review of Krista Fetish:

Your hostess and principal performer at is a multi-talented Russian speaker who describes herself above all as a "normal girl." Surely most normal girls don't perform in more than 20 porn niches on their own internet sites, but Krista attributes her love of erotica to a strong creative flair and an exhibitionist streak. There's plenty more about Krista herself on the site, so I'll distill it: she's got a (for now) entirely photo based archive of herself (and occasionally her "friends") coupling in all the conventional ways as well as delving into various categories of "fetish" porn. Perhaps more importantly, though, Krista's got a lot of spunk as an actress and genuinely seems to enjoy acting out different sexual scenarios for the camera. Members are invited to make requests for future shoots, but with everything from foot-jobs to fellatio there's quite a dramatic range represented already.

Fans of BDSM, latex, medical examination, vegetable love and such are likely to be curious about the site's homepage claim to be "Fetish site No. 1," and a few words should be said about the extent to which's content puts it specifically in the fetish category. Krista includes herself caught up in "golden showers," bondage, menstruation, and plenty of butt and foot play, but not to the exclusion of straight girl-girl and girl-guy scenes. With the absence of any real archives of licensed outside content, however, there may not be enough of any particular niche to satisfy some tastes. Searching around in the "bonus" material, for example, I found the latex gallery, which amounted to a short sequence of photos of Krista in a clear trash bag and red vinyl boots, looking as lovely as ever, surely, but not perhaps convincing me of her experience in the genre (or the depth of her wardrobe).

But perhaps this is what I was looking for in an "amateur" porn site. Kristaclub has that DIY, website-in-a box look, certainly, though on the other hand, Krista's been in a couple of XXX vids and even has a small photo gallery of a recent video session with big-cock jock, Sean Michaels. I suppose this only proves Krista's a rising star, soon to be going places. Indeed, her expressive range is great, as well, particularly in the proper blue-screen studio sessions that make up a sizable chunk of the total content. The real question for potential members will be whether Krista's writing—of which there's a bit—and her flair for trying it all in front of home cameras (and photographers of varying skill) amounts to a stimulating relationship with her as a person. Is that not, after all, a big part of what amateur sex and single-model websites have to offer over Hollywood XXX?

If "getting to know" Krista a bit is something that interests you, there's a message board, some dirty little stories she's written at the beginning galleries, and best: Krista takes member requests for new scenarios and positions. With what seems like an average of around 5-7 new galleries a month, there promises to be no stop to the new angles on this vibrant and expressive young star. And, once you've fallen for her, she'll even sell you some soiled panties.

In the end, given the variation in the size of the individual galleries and the number of galleries in any particular niche, I found myself clicking around quite a bit, but the large format images are well-worth the browsing and wait times—some pics are as large as 1.5 meg. Unless you're sailing on one particular wave in the vast sea of sexual preferences, you'll probably want to look at a bit of everything. I have. The question, in terms of consumer choice, though, I expect has a lot to do with whether you want to keep looking and looking as the weeks pass and Krista continues to update the already sizable photo archives.

The skinny:

If you've had a look around and think you might really like the excellent just-your-average-naughty-girl-next-door performance to be found there, this site has a wide enough range of high resolution photos of Krista in action to warrant signing on for 5 days ($10) anyway. With galleries devoted to everything from smoking to speculums, you'll have no trouble finding choice bits to suit your fancy. The absence of video at this point makes somewhat less advanced than a growing number of the amateur, single-model sites out there, but the range of subject matter and the personality contained in Krista's writing and sexual performance goes a long ways toward making up for the site's shortcomings in other departments. -Lu(lu)-


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