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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Deluxe Pass:

Caveat Emptor:

This one needs a preliminary warning: those with monthly download limits or dial-up connections beware!, with its high quality DVD ->.wmv full-length triple-X features, is extremely addictive and will likely clog your download manager for months to come. If a hard drive full of high-quality (though still quite compressed from DVD) porn video is your aim, however, by all means read on. . .

The skinny:

Entering, I'm immediately struck by the clean lines and nearly corporate style of the site design. Feels a bit more like my record club than a major hub for porn vids, except for the big "DP" logo, a fairly obvious double entendre reminding me I'm safely in smutland. Scrolling down a bit I'm bombarded by a wealth of thumbnails, each a screen shot of one of the "351 unique sites" comprising DP's "adult entertainment network."

At first I assume that DP is little more than a web portal to virtual warehouses of porn, licensed from other sites and suppliers. After I've followed enough of the links out to pages covering everything from hentai to drugged abduction and panty sniffing (see the "chloroform goddess" page if that's your bag), however, I'm convinced that DP's claim to offering only 100% legal content converted from DVD "in house" is legit.

I wrestle a bit with the seeming need to reenter my login and password every time I link to one of DP's uniquely branded archives—"TrannyAssPussy" and "You are Cuckold" being amongst my favorites—but the consistent quality of the vids on offer at each of the sites in the networks more than makes up for the inconvenience. In addition, the video archives are nicely categorized by topic (gay/shemale, lesbian, blowjobs, amateur, etc.), making browsing a breeze.

Full-length features seem to fall between 600 and 700 meg on average, and thankfully the majority are subdivided into scenes, each between 30 and 100 meg. Checking the "properties" on a number of the nasty video nuggets I've grabbed, I find slight variations in the video data and frame rates, but after a careful look at the playback quality, its clear that the difference between 23 and 29 f.p.s. and between 131 and 192 kb/s isn't critical.

Windows media player is the supported application for viewing the downloaded content, though the vids are all encoded with the DivX codec, requiring a fast and free download of the latest version to get the player up to spec. Given this arrangement, videos are not streamable, so, again, count on bulk downloading if you're going to get the most for your hard earned porn dollar.

Having reviewed the basics of the DP network, I find very little else to say that's likely to influence the decision of potential members. The site is easily navigated and pages load crisply save once you've passed the (seemingly endless) security checks. If you're expecting to find big-talent, hot-off-the-press DVD releases here, you're likely setting your hopes a bit high as this isn't bootleg content, but there's plenty of fresh material here for even the most obsessive collector.

A number of the network's sites offer photos, but I was unsuccessful in locating any zipped folders or entire gallery collections and quickly gave up on repeating the familiar windows right-clickà"save target as" technique for each .jpg image that caught my eye. Clearly, photo galleries aren't DP's claim to fame, so any whining on my part should be written off at this point to a last-ditch effort to find something wrong with the DeluxePass network.

In a nutshell. . .

Those searching for a convenient, well-designed archive of full-length, downloadable porn DVDs need look no further. Provided you've got the bandwidth and monthly download limits to accommodate mountains of porn content, you'll surely find ample material to fire your engines in DP's 3,419,010 MB of licensed video content. At $29.95/month, roughly the cost of one mid-priced porn DVD, there should be little problem amassing a library of recent porn vids on a shoestring budget. Unless you have an easier time than I using your porn consumption to justify the purchase of a new hard drive, however, make sure you stock up on CD-R's prior to subscribing, because at about 700 meg per full-length video, you'll easily have a 30 gig drive devoted to XXX before you know it. . . Highly recommended.


Reader comments:

Comment by: Manny Rating: 07-09-12

This is just old stuff spread out on so many damn sites. I like the big video sites better than this it is confusing.

Comment by: gpser Rating: 10-10-25

Guys Deluxepass will stop 1 november * External URL Not Allowed *

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