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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $16.95/30 days
$39.95/90 days
$69.95/180 days
$99.95/365 days

Review of Kryztal Red:

Kryztal is apparently the name of the girl on this site. Ok girl was the wrong word there, mature woman would sound better, since that is really what she is. This site looks like it started with the husband one day saying: "honey would you pose naked for my website?" and so she did. What I'm trying to say is that you really get the amateur feel about her, but if you are not into well mature women, no need to read on.

The first thing I wanted to do here ofcourse was catch the live chat show with Kryztal, but I really don't know when I can, because it said on the page that next show is on 19th of feb 2002, well today is the 21st so I guess they forgot about the site.

Anyway you got about 100+ photoshoots with kryztal posing in mostly pantys and other fetish suits. the pictures are all good and ofcourse exclusive to this site, but the pictures are far from the best part. There is a big selection of videoclips in here, here you can get your fix of kryztal getting spanked in her pantyhose or other mild fetish shoots. The videos are in mpeg format and very good quality so you will enjoy this section very much if you are a broadband user (or have patience).

Well that's really about all to this site, you can read a little about Kryztal if you want (I didn't get her age though), or you can view photos of her "exclusive friends" This however is just some hardcore photos they have bought elsewhere, but the truth is they are damn high quality, as good as it gets really and quite a bit better than the ones taken of Kryztal.

All in all I really enjoyed this site, as you can probably tell it bothered me that I couldn't figure out how old Kryztal is, but you can't win 'em all. As amateur sites go this is in the good end, so I'm not ashamed of recommending this one. (but what is the "football board" about come on!)

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