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Review of Rebacca Luv:

Fanatics of Rebecca Luv's XXX video performances should be advised at the outset that I'm not a longtime fan, and although I come to this site having seen a few of Rebecca's vids, I don't have her filmography, measurements or favorite sexual positions at the tip of my tongue. This is a good thing, I suppose, as single porn star websites seem to glory in that kind of detail, giving the member a chance to learn something about the off-screen persona of his favorite fuck goddesses while delving into the archives for unseen footage and stills.

With this criteria in mind—that the site reveal something about the featured star while offering up sizable film and video galleries devoted, in this case, to Rebecca Luv—I take a cruise around the site. The design work is simple and lacks whistles and bells, but the navigation is easy, and I don't waste time with dead links or confusing graphic details trying to get a feel for what's here. Several popups complicate the initial visit and enrollment—one with some really choice general MIDI web music, hehe—but after ponying up the $20 for a 30 day membership, I'm quickly logged in and given the all-access pass.

Poking around here, one of the most obvious early observations is that the content at is predominantly pics. A XXX webcam in Rebecca's computer room offers 24 hr. coverage, but I seemed not to be able to catch the site's star (or her roommates) online. Archived webcam sessions feature Rebecca with body paint, shaving, and playing with a large dildo while wearing a white wig, but both the low- and high-res streaming .wmv files in the "webcam archives" streamed at 95Kb/s, looking decent in miniature buut considerably worse as I approached a comfortable screen size. The performances in these exclusive vids are decent and give an up-close-and-personal feel, though without sound or the option to download, and streaming at a relatively low bandwidth, they're neither highly collectible nor state-of-the-art.

As I say, however, the real heart of Rebecca Luv's site lies in the photo galleries. Here you'll find nearly 40 shoots of Rebecca hard at work. The shoots are culled from her video work for Vivid and other big name XXX production companies, as well as from her appearances at porn industry parties and conventions. There's a lot here—the galleries ranging in size from 15 to more than 100 photos—and the pics are of decent quality, ranging from about 25K to 80K per image. While the site also features a "girl of the month" gallery featuring exclusive (though fairly short) pictorials of such stars as Savanna and Olivia del Rio, many of the lesser known "girls of the month" seem actually to benefit from the occasionally poor picture quality--25K for a color .jpg photo always seems bit on the pixelized side of things for my tastes.

To repeat, though, it's not about the "other girls" here anymore than it's about the goofy radio pranks and flash movies featured in the "best of archives" (seemingly licensed from What this site is about, plain and simple, is celebrating the talent and character of Rebecca Luv, a task aided nicely by the inclusion of both a "diary" and "get personal" page. Here, Rebecca reports on her latest industry schmooz-fests and sexual trysts, presenting a very modest portrait of herself along the way. I don't mean that there's anything modest about her appearance—she refers to herself as "short, petite and small" at 5'3", 115 lbs and comments that she's often told that she's "built like a brick shit house"—but simply that she seems to be fairly humble sincere about herself and her career. For me anyway, this is a refreshing change from the usual bragging and blather that fills the average porn site's "about me" page.

In the end. . . is a respectably constructed and served site devoted to the XXX escapades of its eponymous star. While the 40 or so photo galleries of Luv constitute the bulk of the what the site's got to offer, the diary, Q&A, web-cam, and multicity-hosted chat features guarantee that you'll feel closer to Rebecca after dropping $20 for a month's membership than you did before. As I've already mentioned, however, there's not a lot of "bonus" material here to fill out the site, and, personally, I'm left feeling no more a Rebecca Luv groupie than I was before signing on. Leaving aside the relative lack of good (downloadable) videos and the occasionally substandard photo resolution, I'm happy to recommend this site on, though primarily to those who are already acquainted with Luv's work and have little reservation about identifying themselves as fans.


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