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Review of Girls Filmed:

Ok so this site has pretty much gone south for the winter. Yes this site was good when it first came out and the videos were fresh and original. However looking back now it seems that it was a gamble by the webmaster that didn't pan out for him. Now the site is completely dead with no updates and frankly the old clips can't keep up with the times for much longer now.

So read this review and remember that the site has not updated since the time of review and probably never will, more like most definately never will I guess.

Webmsitress Julie is from from Vancouver, British Columbia, and has been working hard for over a year, steeped up to her eyelashes in girlfriend's vaginas, building a strong foundation for the launch of her brainchild, what a launch it is.

There's nothing flashy or fancy with sweeping camera moves or elaborate set dressings- it's Julie's apartment, comforting and real. EVen her introductory video is premonotory in it's non-bullshit: There's no fakey smiling or cheesy double-entendres...she could have just as easily have been giving a speech for English class, nervous but earnest. Real.

The same can easily be said for the layout. It's pleasant, what you see is what you get, really. The theme is Julie, a camera, relaxing conversation, and the nasty things real girls do when there aren't any dudes around. It's a well-known fact that women have a different rapport and manner about them without the sometimes distracting presence of The Cock. The no-dick zone lets the models kick back and focus on some nice, non-judgemental poon exploration.

Video, Video, Video. You get a lot. I counted 802 minutes of Windows Media Player fare, divided into 300 clips, that's close to 13 1/2 hours of all-exclusive amateur girl-on-girl porn. There are about 17 videos total in the members section, the downloads are nice and quick, but of course if you want to see them together you're going to have to use TMPG or some such stitcher tool. There are streams, but I always prefer to have the whole thing as the quality is undoubtedly better. First-timers galore with new lesbian experiences and masturbation, all with the gentle and reassuring voice of Julie coaxing their clits to the max.

Photo layouts are linked directly under the video headings (most shoots have a corresponding set), these are not vidcaps, and cappture a nice behind-the-scenes feel. Not the main attraction, certainly, but nice to have. Clarity varies depending on the layout, I noticed a few that were off resolution-wise, but not too many. Hopefully the photos will continue to grow and improve.

Since this is basically a grand opening, we're going to have to weight the update score, but considering the sheer volume of the IPO (initial pussy offering), a collection that took a long time to get ready for the public, as opposed to putting some quarters in the porn gumball machine like a lot of these junk sites do to pad their debuts. Let's just say that we'll give it the benefit of the doubt that things will continue to be updated with regularity.
* Of course now we know that nothing more happened and what a shame it was.

Pop-ups are a bit heavy on the frontpage, there are a few come-hither banners, so it's not a perfectly clean surfing experience. The content never went up so from going from a promising new site it is now an old empty relic which I can't recommend anyone signing up to at all.

BOTTOM LINE: This site didn't make it, it's dead.

One Month: $24.99 (reccurring)


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