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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: No Live Shows: No Formats:

Prices: $2.95/3 days
$7.95/7 days
$29.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$84.95/180 days

Review of XXX Space Girls:

XXXSpaceGirls considers itself to be "The Adult Theme Park" of adult membership cyberspace, and they really try to go the extra parsec to make sure you have a wild ride. Stay more than a week, though, and your wallet will smack you.

It's easier to think of it like Disney World, you've got all the little "kingdoms" that make up the whole place, but instead of Space Mountain or Cinderella's Castle, you're allowed to roam freely throughout: XXX Space Girls, Glamour Images, Feature Girl Layouts, XXX Horror (think of this one as Epcot Center, separate but one), XXX Movie Theater, Hentai Babes and Comics, Fetish Photo Gallery, Tight Teen Layouts, The Image Vault, Hardcore Photo Gallery, and Beautiful Leg Layouts. Whew. Thank goodness we don't have to walk, especially with all that beatin' off, you know?

Some may find this whole "theme" thing to be a little corny, but anytime a website goes for something extra thematically, especially themes that actaully add to the experience and enjoyment of the membership, it gets big points in my guidebook. And lots of of highlight marker swished all over the place for effect. Imagination and technology have always been the horniest of fuck partners when they actually get together, and in this case, I think we've got some good humping so far.

Let's hop over to the XXX Movie Theater, skip the "streaming" line (doesn't look as good), and stand right Now stay there...good...right-click, save, and download. Quicktime porn. Not a long line, but not a long movie, either. I wonder if that was the real Amber Michaels, or an animatronic? Real piss, or special effects magic? You be the judge. Just like a real amusement park, all the fun things are in quick, bite-sized form, so you're going to have to gather them all in one spot to really enjoy anything at length.

You're going to see a lot of familiar faces (and asses, and pussies) at, including Niki Nova, Jasmine St. Clair, Guage, Mika Tan, Sharon Wild, and son on. Fans will be pumped at the exclusives, and non-fans will be pleasantly suprised at the refreshing, fetishistic spin that this pr0n saucer puts on the precedings that gives these babes a freshness that heretofore would been downright tough. You gotta love it anytine a girl gets strapped in to an alien probe machine.

So you get over 20,000 photos exclusive to the site (not a lot of cock fucking, don't say I didn't warn you), any update problems in the past seem to have disappeared, a lot of new content has been added with new owners, and the hundreds of videos look good (and sometimes weird ;) You can save them for your vacation scrapbook, but make sure and leave the family at home.

BOTTOM LINE: Use Your Mouse As A Monorail

3 Day Trial: $3.95

7 Day Trial: $9.95 (my pick)

30 Day Membership: $34.95 (recurring) (and a bit too pricey)



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