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Review of Nina Knows Best:

This site was worth a review for, if nothing else, to see "Babycakes, the Ten Dollar Whore" in action, one of the many sassy incarnations of the Marion Ravenwood-esque Nina Marachino, an almond-eyed, ample-bottomed webmistress whose allure is only matched by her fantastic sense of humor and intelligence.

She's a member of the Camz Network, so of course, she has plenty of her appearances archived as well as bulletins about when she's going to be on next. I myself hate cams almost completely, the freeze-frame-and-MOVE! action may as well be a soporific metronome to the sludgey rate at which these things induce male boners. But Nina does things differently. Fun things like "Book of the Month", where she acts out characters from the current selection, and this is a fine example of how she brings something extra to almost every category. That type of thing goes a long way towards making this place stand a bit apart in the Single Model crowd.

Clocking in at over 2 1/2 years old, NinaKnowsBest has had ample time to archive quite a few pictures of the quirky brunette. There are over 10,000 photos (by my estimation) for you to save, and all but some of the very beginning sets are nice and clean-looking. Nina really knows her way around the bonaphone, her boyfriend's crotch the main target of her sometimes friendly, but mostly ravaging oral attacks. Her new easter set features a nice little bunny outfit, other sets showcase being covered in shaving cream, hanging out at parties, playing in the sand, roleplaying as the Amish (Haha!), getting fuck primordial style as a cavewoman (no shit), etc. There's some leased stuff if you want to switch gears but I'd rather stick to getting to know Nina better.

There is over 2 hours of exclusive, saveable video, pretty lengthy sonafbitches in .wmv and .mpeg. The .wmv files are compressed for those with dial-up and such, but of course you're going to have to sacrifice quality for download speed. Mpegs take a bit since they aren't piece-mealed, but well worth it for that extra clarity. I counted 9 videos with a promise of more to come, and these are always hot and sometimes hilarious. My personal favorite was "Nerds Get Dirty Too!". You gotta love anybody that can combine this type of playfulness with outright nastiness. Good combination. Hope the cum didn't ruin your specs.

The diary section could be updated a bit more, sometimes there are some pretty decent gaps in there which always drives me nuts. That complaint is assuaged a bit when I read the posts she does make. This stuff is not typical fluffy Single Model tripe. This girl is intelligent AND horny, always the combination I look for when I'm trying to beat the world spooge record. She likes cool bands, she likes cool movies, she had a rebellious pubescent period that made her into the horny, inwardly-geeky-but-hot little sauce-catcher that she is today. You have to wonder if everybody had Leave It To Beaver Families, would there even be any porn? Of course there would, but not nearly as much. Thank goodness for strict, authoritarian parents out there that plant the seeds of rampant nudity that we can enjoy today.

Maybe a bit more attention to the writing aspects of the place, but I will admit she is damn busy out there shooting the content that her members seem to love. You always have to keep in mind with joints like this, she designed and built this place herself, so being a jill-of-all-trades is a lot tougher than what some of these fakey-ass chicks do that have a design and production team behind them. She's doing the best she can and only looks to get better. Definitely worth a look.

BOTTOM LINE: Does The Body Rule The Mind, Or Does The Mind Rule The Body? We Don't Know.

One Month: $19.99 (recurring)



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