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Review of XXL Teens:

Seeing the name of the site you might be thinking, like me, that this site contain material with very big girls. Well if you are thinking that, you are wrong. This is just an ordinary teen site, but how ordinary?... Well, right now, that's for me to decide.

The content is not shockingly big but there are 1000 different photoshoots and that's pretty good. It's all mixed in there in one category...hardcore/lesbian and posing. The quality is above average, but a nice feature here that makes this site stand out a little is it's ZIP download, so you can grab the entire photosession down to your harddrive with one download. I found this to be a very nice feature and a fast way to make your own pictures collection grow. They also have a big pix section, these are very high resolution and hiqh quality pictures, unfortunaly this section is not that big. There are also true live feed with chat, and they work. Chat is not always possible, but was when I was there and if there isn't chat there are still feeds at very high speed.

The pictures, as said, are above average, with generally good looking teen girls. The hig res pictures are perfect quality though, so one could hope this section will grow bigger than it currently is. The feeds are very fluint and good and go well above average and more. All in all pretty good quality here.

The special feature here could be the live chat that actually works well here, but the .zip function is worth mentioning again I think. Let's say you pay by the hour to be on the net, and you really just wanna grab as much porn as you can in as short time as possible, then you just use the .zip button on each page and the pictures will spill down on you....zipped... nice feature which most of you will hopefully enjoy as much as I did.


$29.95 for 1 Month

Only a 1 month membership, I like that! It's short and to the point and it doesn't try to trick you into a 3 day trial where you would get charged for a month anyways if you forgot to cancel. For the money you get a lot of content and live video chat with the models, and tons of pics in an easily downloadable way.... Good site for the money and for live video chat... recommended!

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