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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4

Prices: Special: $16.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
Limited Trial: $1.98/2 days, rebills at $29.98

Review of Sweet Camgirl:


You ever get to a point with porn where you get a bit jaded with some of these sites? Well, you guys probably don't get as dulled out as we do at PornLiving, because our whole job, as you know, is "hacking through the dangers of the Porno Jungle so you don't have to"... and obviously, we see a lot of rip-off shit, boring shit, and just plain shit out there almost every day of the week. Every genre has it's malefactors, and the Single Model category is certainly no exception.

In fact, this species of adult pay-for-access site is one of the biggest offenders out there, and as that category is just monstrous, sometimes it feels like with every girl with a pussy and a dream is out to drain our wallets without giving back anything really decent in return.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I stumble upon this little hidden temple in the wild thickets of the Porn Amazon. SweetCamGirl just brings it, plain and simple. The site features the irrepressible Lori Anderson, a petite little Texas girl who isn't afraid to throw her real personality out there. It doesn't hurt that she is extremely hot, she kinda makes me think that if Sheryl Crowe had a younger (she's 25), hotter sister, this babe would be her. Or something like that. She's herself though, plain, simple and horny. A lot of the Single Models come off like "oooh, I'm so hot right now", but you can tell it's kinda manufactured sometimes, you know? With Lori I think we have a certified nympho on our hands.

There's a lot of awesome stuff going on over here, not the least being the videos. They're sectioned off into: Playing With My Toys, Fuck Me, Fetish, Girl/Girl, Cum On My Face, Cum On My Body, Cummin' Hard (sense a theme here?), Bloopers, and Streaming Video. I counted over 50 movies, you can get them whole as a stream, or divided into .mpegs clips. The one-on-one personalized cam shows are pricey (they always are), so if you never end up slapping down for those, you'll have enough hot movies here for a damn long time, even if she didn't update often (she updates extremely often). Besides, as a member you get access all the time to her Bedroom Cam which she seems to be in quite often when she's not out and about. The streaming stuff is o.k. but only if you have DSL or better. The main negative would be that many of the videos, saveable .mpegsS or steaming alike, don't have that crisp sound that I like. I'm not making excuse for her, but I don't mind it too bad since she runs this darn place practically by herself. Supposedly ;) O.K., O.K., I believe you. But barely, 'cause this is pretty sweet for a one-woman show.

There are just thousands of great pics here of Lori having a blast doing what she does (just about everything). Like the videos, there is a wide variety of things for all tastes, carried out with what seems to be actual enthusiam. She dresses up some fetishistic type gear, gives you some pre-site pics taken when her parents weren't home, dressing up as the Easter Bunny (really shows her sense of humor), and her just getting crazy, getting off, and getting out and about with her friends and members.

One of the big things we always like to see is heavy and regular membership interaction. Lori posts all the time on her thriving message board, and unless she employs one of the finest ghost writers of the new Millenium, I think it's very safe to say that it is definietly her. She's having true fun with this, and it seeps into every crack in the place. You get your standards: wallpaper, calendars, blah-blah, and if you feel like shopping she has a very nice collection of VHS and DVDs for sale...but I think they are way overpriced ($49.95=no way). I don't pretend to know her costs going into these, but..ahem, too much. This is digging for a negative, I guess, since she never does any arm twisting here to "push" anything on anyone, but there you have it.

Either way, it's one of the most active and well-done home-growns out there, and it only looks to get even better. Solid choice all the way around, with plenty off side-show content and fine friends to keep you busy on that rare occasion when Lori, with her sparkling teeth and spankity-tight ass, is busy off making more goodies for you to enjoy.

BOTTOM LINE: Sweet No Matter What Your Tastes

One Month: $24.95 (recurring)



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