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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $39.95/30 days
$49.95/60 days
$100.00/180 days

Review of Be the Mask:

I'm going to be upfront about one thing before we get started...

This whole "mask" schtick isn't my thing.

So is a crummy site, or what? No. Not at all. It does an excellent job of providing its members with high quality porn for a good price...but the fact that the dude with the disguise is doing all the humping and pumping is something you're going to have to get a kick out of, or at the very least, put up with. If not, the whole concept kinda goes down the tubes. "The Mask" claims to be a member of the Hollywood "elite", but must wear the mask to protect his and his friends' identities from, uh, the extreme social fallout of being dudes that bang chicks with rubber masks? He's married to former Penthouse Pet Jessica Capelli, he claims to be a former model himself, so...maybe. Who knows?

I personally don't wanna see Darth Maul banging a hot chick with his double-sided cock-saber, but if this is something you think might be cool, then you are in for a very nice treat indeed. The videos are the main attraction here, despite the fact that the pictures sets are extremely nice. Unfortunately, the pic archive is not huge, there are only 14 sets of about 483 sharp snaps. Not quite enough to be anything but sideshow material.

The absolute coolest thing about BeTheMask is...YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO BE THE MASK! Seriously (I would be Yoda, for reasons I won't talk about). On an ongoing basis, these crazies that run this site literally print out the membership list, some chick throws a dart at it, and the closest name to the prick gets picked. I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty cool. As they say in the page copy, it's better odds than the lottery! You're responsible for getting yourself out to Cali (to Cali, to Cali), but upon your arrival, your accomodations/food/pussy is provided. After passing your HIV test, you get your pick between 10 porn stars to bang. They even give you a complimentary movie of your experience.

The layout is extremely facile, no over-wrought fancy junk gets in your way to grabbing the fast-downloading episodes to your harddive. Guess what they're about? A dude in a mask banging the crap out of porn starlets. Sometimes with a guttural voice saying "Suck it! Suck it!" Hehe. Alright, so it's kinda humorous really, but there's nothing funny about all the hot, hot ladies getting trick n' treated in about every way imaginable.

All in all, there are about 22 movies to be had (not bad for a very new site-with good updating, I might add), they are offered in Windows Media Player and Quicktime, and they look darn good. To watch a whole movie uniterrupted you're going to have to stitch 'em a bit, because most are divided into several clips. It's hot action, and like I said, it's up to you whether this is your gig or not.

BOTTOM LINE: There's No Hiding The Quality

One Month: $29.95 (recurring)



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