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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: $39.95/30 days
$49.95/60 days
$100.00/180 days

Review of Babes:

There is a mindset in a large portion of the adult industry that goes something like this: the more you use pornstars, the greater your chances of success. Like its slightly less sinful (?) sister Hollywood, the Porn business recycles the same "names" over and over again, for diminishing returns, until the time is right for the new crop of "stars".

This is not always a bad thing though, right? Tom Cruise is in films like Mission Impossible, but then has a great-but-smaller part in Magnolia. Ben Affleck is about as popular as you get right now, but for every big budget turn he does, he seems to pop up in the coolest, smallest roles (like the Kevin Smith films).

I think that is how I feel about, a new site from the same folks that brought you Unlike that place where you get 4 memberships for the price of one, this new venture does not offer anything extra like that... But for being as new as it is, I believe the quality and amount of content can definitely stand on its own. uses pornstars, ladies you may have seen over and over again at other places: Tammy Roberts, Chrissy Morgan, Luna Lane, Nicole Sheridan, Kate Frost, Henrietta, Phoenix Rae, Silvia Loressi, and Mika Tan. Only one of these beautiful girls, Lisa Hotlipps, yielded no huge search engine results.

Doesn't matter much, because the site makes a strong case for itself, mainly because, regardless of the models wide-and-spread appearances, everything here is exclusive to, pics and movies alike.

Despite being a very new membership offering, you get access to 31 movies (so far), all saveable .mpegS (or .movS) of very nice quality featured in pleasant surroundings and environments (I enjoyed Lisa Hotlipps the most- real cute girl). The main gentleman that does the movie shoots does a great job of directing the girls to really bring out their sensulaity and maximizing our viewing pleasure.

The layout/design isn't all that exciting yet, but you get to add over 3000 high quality photos, not crummy vidcaps that many sites try to get away with as content. Of course you can find a lot of free pics of some of these gilrs, but I bet most of them aren't this nice and all bunched together for you with a bow around it.

Based on the track record of the sister site, I think it's a safe bet that you will receive faithful updates and that the guys will listen to your concerns and/or requests in regards to problems or content. They are apparently eager for feedback. Each of the featured models at this site have clear messages underneath their main picture so we can let them know what you truly think about the girls... I'm assuming that they want this so they can constantly improve the site so people are assured of getting what they want.

The only real big negative so far, then, is only a potential one, of course boils down to personal taste. Are you the type that likes porn stars, or not? Not that these beautiful ladies are in anyway fakey and plastic-looking like some of the adult celebrities of yesteryear, but they have been around. It's up to you.

BOTTOM LINE: Indie Movement Creates Some Stir

One Month: $29.95



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