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Review of Players XXX:

I always suck at picking up girls out at the clubs, the throbbing bass effectively negating my biggest pussy-getting super-power: Conversation. I can't dance worth a shit, the pounding music my omnipresent, vagina-repelling kryptonite.

The web-studs at claim to have no problem, and they offer their video "proof" for sale on a weekly basis. Their mantra, their coochphrase, if you will, is "Getting A Girl In A Bar Is Easy". Uh-huh.

This is a mighty fine entry in the wildly popular and growing genre of the PornLiving-coined Reality Porn genre. Nooooo, it's not "real", but oddly enough, they basically admit to as much if you ever bother reading their FAQS page, where they explain how much they pay the girls (who they mostly meet at clubs, but sometimes through personal ads & contacts via the site as well). Well, good for you, guys, and hip-hip-Ho-ray for honesty...sort of...

I knew the fix was in when I spotted Gabriella, the webmistress for, playing the part of a blow-job barfly in the sites' "trailer" promo vid (you can read my review of the Gabriella's stellar work here: ). That was JACKpot for me, as I made no bones about my attraction to this bespectaled, French-Canadian minx. She is a jewel in the Gamma Entertainment family crown, and since her own site doesn't show her getting too nasty, it was major bonus to see her getting down with The Cock.

Like crystal-clear, set-for-storage .MPEGs? They're here. I counted 37 different "conquests", with some supposedly alcohol-fueled but definitely hot fucking and sucking. You can stream these as well, and multiple-speed options are in place to accomodate you. As always, it's fake, but the studied-to-look-amateur camera-work, whether it's from the cock suckee D.P. (C.S.D.P....maybe a new below-the-line porn film term for the adult industry's version of S.A.G. to snag?) gives a sudsy helping hand to continue your fantastical enebriation.

As with all sites affiliated with Gamma, there is a monster portion of leased content, and I have said before in regards to this company...for leased, it's not too bad. You don't mind the de rigeur pop-cork ad on the front page when the scionic pay-off is all the family label wine you can sip on, cleansing your palate for the exclusive champagne, which is of course the buzz you came (and cum) for.

Updates are done with professional, reliable regularity, so you definitely won't get stuck waiting for the next intallment, and since the site is part of a larger group of well-maintained sites, the odds are good that everything will continue as normal, no need to worry about plug-pulling, etc. which is a risk you take with any site but especially with one that is not this well-connected.

So you won't really be any better at picking up chicks at the local-pub (despite getting a free how-to book with sign-up), but this place is definitely barley and hops for the human pee-pee. Take one down, and pass it around, there are:

BOTTOM LINE: 37 Shots of Our Smear On The Walls

4-Day Trial: $4.95

One Month: $39.95 (recurring)



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