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Review of Galitsin News:

update April 7th 2004

It seems that is now part of a dispute between two photographers and Petter Hegre's site is now also on this domain. Grigorio has put up a new site with his work on now and it seems to contain all of his pictures.

The price just for pictures seems quite fair, but notice that if you want access to the videos you have to sign up for a 3-month membership which is $100. We stand by our original review of the site as the pictures are the same and more.

update March 24th 2007
This site has been shut down, link goes to which is extremly similar. In time this review is subject for complete deletion unless the site comes back up within a month.

If you've ever had the distinct pleasure of reviewing the sometimes ethereal, always idyllic work of Grigorio Galitsin, the creative force behind, you know that his photography of the young female form is truly something to behold.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that, even though Mr. Galitsin has been honing his skills for quite some time, his site has only been around since October 2002, so the "archives" aren't exactly bursting at the yet...but with six months in so far, the update pace is extremely fast.

Do not expect hardcore spreading and penetration. These pics are more the kind of thing that would be suitable for framing and hanging (but you'd have to hide 'em before your Grandma visits). The main focus are very young models. Many of them look younger than 18 to me, but I know this is illegal, so...I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's just real good at finding this type of freshness in the 18+ Russian countryside.

Each month's update is subdivided into multiple miniature "magazine" covers. I have seen this format before and I like it just as well this time around. Typically each cover features one creamy pseudo-nymph, but sometimes two and every once in ahile a group of them. Everything has that "airy and light" quality to it, the girls are generally posing, but in a real artistic way. Lighting, outfits, and settings appear to be manipulated to quite an amazing, out-of-the-ordinary effect.

There are not a bunch of ads junking up the site, he does have a links section that gives you the hard sell for a couple of things, and he also has free e-postcards and actual prints that you can buy from him, which is great really. I do take the join page to task for saying "long, gorgeous, erotic films" etc. because...

The film pile is still pretty tiny, and it literally is film, bringing an undeniable warmth and urgency that you just don't get with your run-of-the-mill D.V. cameras. With the few .MPEGs that are offered up (saveable), like the pictures, these celluloid shorts are lazy afternoon softcore, again with very young-looking models. They romp on haystacks, coltish legs doing the bidding of Grigorio with innocent elan. About 63 megs of multi-platform movies that will only grow as the site gets bigger.

As you would expect from someone so aesthetically gifted, galitsin-archives is very pleasant to look at, fairly streamlined but pleasing in its outlay and exploration. I had no trouble fining everything I wanted to look at, although admittedly, it's not huge yet. This is actually about the only issue so far that you could actually view as negative if you were looking to find anything to slam on, but as it is there is a lot more content here than some places that have been around for a couple years (about 5000 pics).

BOTTOM LINE: The Cold War In My Pants Has Ended

3 day trial: $9.95 no rebill (no videos)
1 month: $34.95 no rebill (no videos)
3 months: $99.95 no rebill (video access)



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