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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$44.95/60 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of TNV Girls:

TNV stands for "Thursday Night Video" girls. Don't worry, the videos are posted more often then every thursday, and they work everyday of the week, in case you were wondering. Not quite sure about the odd name choice, maybe they are making an allusion to U.S. Thursday night prime-time television viewing? "Must-See-T.V."? I don't know. The slogan is "The Girls are Innocent But The Camera Is Naughty"!

I, for one, would gladly watch these clips instead of cable. I have been patiently waiting for the network to show the Friends girls making out, covering each other in "slime" (I will explain), or just flat-out exposing a breast or two, or some nice vagina shots. Damn those NBC executives, they just don't come through! Tnvgirls does, however ;)

It's not a perfect site by any stretch, but it does an excellent job of showing the girls (almost without exception young and good-looking) in a variety of scenarios. They've got a nice balancing act going between softcore and hard. You can watch a young chick doing a panty-tease on the back of a kitchen chair to Rod Stewart's "Infatuation" (definitely kicks the original video's ass ;), then snag an all-out girl-on-girl(and sometimes on-girl) poon-poaching. I like that it mixes it up like this because this allows you options depending on your mood.

And this is primarily a video site, I mean they have pictures...but a great deal of them are vid-caps which, if you know me, I never count, unless of course I've been fooled. One particular set I enjoyed was the "fainting" section. Yes, I said fainting. I know I'm not some kinda porno-rube but I don't recall seeing this out there before. Apparently this is supposed to cater to the members that want to feel big and strong by helping out semi-nude and nude hot young girlies out when they pass out. I don't know, but I liked it. The pic resolution is not quite up to par (as is the case with many other sets), but they address this issue by telling members that new equipment is on the way and that they are well-aware of it. That brings me to a bit of negative...

Updates are fairly solid, and according to the webmaster posts they have been recently doubled (vids and pics) to make sure that the ongoing members that have been here for awhile are getting what they pay for. Communication seems pretty good between the site and the members, but I did find a few cobwebs that need to be blown down, for instance:

"Our next live event for TNVgirls members is tentatively scheduled for Fall '02"....Alrighty, well, it's almost Spring 2003, guys! What gives? This kinda thing always stinks, but in this case it's not too horrible because they keep going right along with the content updates. But every nook and cranny doesn't seem to get attention so that would scare me in a place that I plan on staying at for more than the standard month.

Layout and design is a bit confusing, because the there's too many section links laying around like dirty socks on a bedroom floor. If you're not an idiot (I can be at times), you should have no problem making your way around here...but it's not clean and simple how I personally like it. It looks o.k., and don't get me wrong, it's not Jumble Central, but this could stand some improvement I suppose.

The coolest thing about this place is the unique stuff they have the models do. They have video interviews with the girls based on member's letters, there are slime-a-thons where the girls just go bananas slathering each other with ooze (correct me but this is uncommon as well, and I thought it was funny, cool, and inexplicably hot!), they pose in hosiery, bra and panties, or they just throw big "girl parties" where the girls get all goofy and horny.

It kinda reminds me of camp or something, and the webmasters are the camp counselors (with good sense of content) that direct their female campers to get us off NOW, damn it! The chicks seem to have a lot of fun, something that I always like to see, true enthusiasm instead of some places where it is very obvious that everyone's going through the motions.

I counted about 152(!) video clips, most of them high quality (same with the pics, they have gotten new equipment and now use mini-DV instead of their old Hi-8), but as far as actual "whole" movies (they're not going to be truly "whole" unless you stitch 'em with a program, I use TMPG) the true count is probably closer to 75 or so. This amount is quite a bit more than you get at most video sites for sure, and when (and IF) you count third-party stuff, it adds up to quite a spread. With your membership you get access to VoyeurDorm, SkinToWin, PrivateSchoolGirls, RealVoyeurT.V., VoyeurBusTours, BraAndPanties, LockerRoomSecrets....and the list goes on. Something to do I guess, but as I always say, it's the exclusive stuff that matters, and these guys do a pretty bang-up job of that.

BOTTOM LINE: Tight New Vagina Is On The Tube

One Month: $19.95

Stay For Three Months: price drops to $14.95 (recurring)



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