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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Lesbo 101:

Oh man. I start sounding like a professional cheerleader when I get this pumped up about a site, but let me assure you: Lesbo101 is one of the hottest "Reality Porn" pay-for-access memberships you can buy on today's adult market without a prescription.

Gabriella (the webmaster)? Let me tell you something, honey. You are hot.

Ordinarily I don't single out any female, webmasters or models, for flat-out adoration, but in this case I am forced to make an exception. There's nothing like it when Gabriella sits in the foreground, rubbing her barely-exposed aristocratic little breasts while she teaches and teases the noveau lesbos. And her black-framed glasses make her even hotter for some reason, like a french version of Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey who is not out to tickle funny bones, but every clit that comes into her classroom.

Her "classroom" is in a bright, cheery little bedroom tucked away somewhere in Montreal. The gig is this: Gabriella gives lessons on how to be a good lesbian, how to get the models to a place where they can come with greater ease and frequency. She alternates her directions between French and English, with frequent winks and tongue-to-teeth runs to the viewing audience to make sure they get it: this is some of the hottest lesbian action ever, with carefully hand-selected models that have met the new-to-beaver requirements that the teacher requires.

Are all the videos actual "reality"? Nah, I doubt it. They could fool me most of the time, and I have a highly-honed bullshit-o-meter from this job. I really just don't care. I want this to be real, and even if you do or don't agree with me, it's highly likely that it's going to make you extremely horny. She claims to not be interested in instructing males, but she definitely succeeds in teaching the male member to stand up and beg.

Video quality is fantastic for the downloadable versions, the streaming is decent, even at full screen, but you really just need to save the MPEGs to your harddrive to get the best effect. There are low and high speed options depending on your connection, but you'll need the latest version of Windows Media Player to get the best viewing experience. She takes the most careful approach I have ever seen thus far in making sure that the models are not obstructing our view of the action, letting the girls know in gentle but firm language-of-the-moment that they need to move aside at certain points so that our enjoyment is at maximum potential. A few times she steps in to pull their hair up while they're doing their homework. How considerate!

At present there are approximately 22 movies, usually divided into anywhere from 5-7 clips a piece. Total run time for all the movies added up to over 400 minutes or so. Yes, there are indeed pics, well over a thousand of them, but they vary little (from what I can tell) from what you already get in the videos. And, um, the videos move. And talk and stuff. Nice to have them but not reeally the main attraction you know.

There are a few too many ads going on here, definitely not out of control, but it should be noted that there is a HUGE helping of third-party content by host Gamma Entertainment. I never turn cartwheels over any leased stuff, but for what it's worth, Gamma is one of the good guys out there in that realm. They strive to provide high quality, no ambush you with pop-ups or push a lot of other junk on you. O.K., so it's there, but the only real thing that will make you go gaga over this site is Gabriella's stuff.

If you like lesbians, if you like the reality genre, if you like to treat yourself to generous, exclusive video content...then I have to say it: Dump some of your non-performer memberships and hop on here. If you don't believe me, do the trial thing. After you have checked the site out, thank-you emails can be sent in care of Contact Us....
You're welcome ;)

BOTTOM LINE: A Sassy She-Hulk All By Herself

One Week Trial: $4.95
One Month: $29.95



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