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Review of Chez Chris:

How is it that one guy from Toronto kicks the ever-living ass out of so many of these "mega" sites that promise this, promise that, then slam out pixelated wham-bam-thank-you-spam garbage that they charge an arm and a leg for?

Don't worry, I'm going to tell you. started in the Winter of 2002 when webmaster Chris bought a bunch of equipment (video camera, extra hard drives, and, uh, leather chaps. Don't ask) and started shooting, mainly because he was sick of seeing fakey, crappy porn. That, and he loves getting pussy of course, and hey, if he makes a few bucks then that would be dandy, too.

Let's talk about the bad first. Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit. Layout and design are a bit low-rent and non-fancy- but who cares really, because it doesn't really affect the navigation, it's all pretty simple and easy to find. And, o.k., if you really want to nitpick you can say that maybe Chris trumpeting about the fact that he goes without condoms is a bit risky in this day and age of responsible sexual relations, but I'm going to have to assume that adults are the ones going here that make their own decisions so it's not like Chris is trying to get everyone to emulate him or anything. It's hard to get down on a guy with this much damn enthusiasm:

" site is still totally perverted and hardcore. I like to keep the focus on what it's all about. XXX - SEX -FUCKING! I try to keep most of my sex bareback -without a condom - for a completely "real" look - and because I really like to fuck without one! When I'm allowed I like to cum inside the women I'm shooting with (creampie shot). That feeling of planting my seed deep inside a woman is absolutely euphoric! I've even done a little bit of anal - without a condom! You'll get a kick out of my shooting style. I set my video camera up on a tripod - then we do our thing - I change camera angles - more shooting - more fucking - etc. etc."

Yeah, there's quite a few pics on the site, but the main attraction here are the movies.Videos are presented in Windows Media Player and look fantastic, over 50 vids for close to 6 hours of hot Canadian entertainment (not counting third party "bonus" filler). As always, Pornliving values any site that lets you keep the videos, and Chris wants to make sure you know, too, cause he actually has a scrolling message at the bottom thay says "you can download and keep all my movies". Ha! Don't worry man, I would have told them anyway ;) But this is typical of his funny personality..with all the exclusive shoots with strippers and amateurs of all kinds, he threw a funny clip of him getting busted by the po-po for having a radar detector (he's very proud of his corvette). Nope, it's not porn but this is what I'm talking about when someone puts themselves out there instead of being fake-ass money grubbers that don't truly try to let you get to know them.

Pretty damn respectable considering the short time this place has been in operation, and if it continues on the current path this one is pretty much a no-brainer if you like girl-on-guy personality type site. The price especially for the quality you get is simply a step above the rest.

Now stop speeding Chris. We'll wait for you ;)

BOTTOM LINE: Worth A Nice Long Sa-Chez

9-day Trial: $9.95 (non-recurring)

One Month: $24.95 (non-recurring) or...

One Month: $19.95 (recurring)



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