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Review of Club 250:

This site has recently become a part of So when you sign up for a membership, you also get access to deluxepass (deluxepass review).

I need you to gather the following supplies

(1) Bottle of glitter

(1) Red strobe light

(1) "raver" whistle

(2) Boxes of Kleenex(TM)

Got 'em? Now sit down at your comp command center and do the following:

1) Turn off the lights, turn on the strobe

2) Sign up for Just do it, damn it. If you don't trust me, why do you come here? I will not steer you wrong, mi Amiga (that's a homey from .waaaaaay bHack)

3) Position both Kleenex(TM) boxes for quick and easy access

Get the following rhthym going:

-Click- BLINK-BLINK (Whippity-Whip) THREEEEP! Wipe-ah Wipe Ahhhhh... -Right Click/Save As- (BLINK-BLINK) Whippity-Whip THREEEEP! Wipe-ah Wipe Ahhhhhhhhhhh [Repeat as needed]

As far as the glitter? Just dump some in your hand and smear it all over your face. Then go head-butt the wall.

Yes, I am currently on drugs. No, I have not lost my journalistic integrity and sold out to The Man. Yes, I went koo-koo for Ho-Ho Puffs over this damn site. Why? Fine...

Beauty is subjective to a certain degree, I mean one man's thrash might not be another man's pleasure, you dig? I'm not here to argue about that (although I will say "creme de la creme femmes" for them. Yes, I repeat, I am very, very high. But sorta the "still have good judgement" high, you know? You've been there). The main thing here is that Club250 (and bonus site is a JACKpot of fast-as-fuck video content for your spewing needs.

You will see a few of the models at other places (that goes for the outsourced-but-exclusive clippage), many that you won't see elsewhere, doing it all: BLOWINGgangingHUMPINGlickingSCREECHINGslurping Teeny Fetishistic UK Amateur Bondage BubbleHos German Hardcore. They also do an excellent, and I mean excellent job at filing your income taxes (thanks, Helga! You can fondle my W-2s anytime. Just make it in english next time. Thanks!)

I'm coming down now...Yu can see movies in QuickTime, Real Player, sometimes you stream, sometimes you download, sometimes you can do both. Almost without question the quality is always sweet and you have multiple speed options, multiple format options, etc. The main thing is that it is fast. Fast, I tell you! These are the quickest videos I have ever grabbed (besides those Pam and Tommy Lee tapes back in '97 from the back of that dude's van. I hate Pam and Tommy Lee, by the way, I just like to steal things, but that problem is now under control. {read in Very Effeminate Voice:} Now I just want to steal the hearts and minds of my dear readers. Thank you. Thank you very much.

The fact that you can't save all the videos at or club250 is a bit horeshit, especially in light of the premier price. But given that this is some of the most lightning-quick video out there should take some of the stink out of things. It's not like you can't watch the non-saves over and over and over again. Think of it as free storage, I guess (I'm trying to make myself feel better about this-it's not completely working. Damn it!). Ahh, screw it. You can save a lot of it so just calm down, self.

On your next day off, hop into the car and go to a local duck pond, take some time to commune with Nature. l guilty about the next 8 days you spend at spending time with your own human nature, the ancient instinct inside all of us that DICKtates that we hunt and gather boobies and vagina, share secrets about the best spots, and when you can get it this fast? All the better, Amiga Forever. All the better.

BOTTOM LINE: (750k)Killer Broadband Porn is the Shit

5 Day Trial: $8.95

One Month: $34.95

The links here now lead to if you sign up here, you have access to club250 also and it's $5 cheaper now.



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