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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI

Prices: $9.99/7 days, rebills at $24.99
$24.99/30 days
$64.99/90 days

Review of

"Awake, awake! The morn will never rise,

'Til she can dress her beauty at your eyes!"

- Henry David Thoreau

Most porn sites hardly deserve a well known poetic quote as the opening to a review, unless of course there was some fluff-sleeved guy running around with a dildo-for-quill named "hee hee cummings".

I'll just warn you that this review is going to sound like I own stock or something, but believe it when I say that this portal represents some of the most well-tended and value-laden content I have yet to come across in an Adult Pay-For-Access website.

It's all about requests. What do you want to see? They'll do it for you (within reason, you damn psychopaths!) This is the main idea behind it all, a made-to-order treasure trove of role play sexual fantasies. A huge stable of girls (with an equally sized top-of-the-line costume room, apparently) play the part of club chicks, secretaries, nurses, students, equestrians, etc. Suspension of disbelief is at the upmost, they go for as much realism as possible in regards to locations and poses, and the variety is astounding. Really.

Models all seem very carefully chosen with beauty in mind, but with a certain inherent intelligence or elite aspect to them in some way. It certainly doesn't hurt that photo quality is as clean and crisp as high-definition morning dew on the front lawn. This is a place you'd definitely want to wake up to, and you can explore a decent amount of it for FREE but of course the very best of things you're going to have to whip out the credit card. Completely worth it.

There are tens of thousands(!) of exclusive imagery carefully archived over the past several years by Fets, and when you combine that with some of the most consistent and generous updating I've ever came across, this is a place to plant for a long, long time. Even if they stopped updating (which ain't gonna happen) you'd still be exploring for months and months.

Alright, alright, gotta keep the defense honest I guess. The only negative I can scrounge here is that their video archive is not huge and the clips are kinda on the short side. Perhaps with the advent of mainstream broadband access this is something the guys at Fets will expand (I guess if enough people request it ;) but it really isn't the focus here yet, I to be honest I am shocked to say I don't really think it's that big of a deal because of sheer-hose quality. Layout is not super user-friendly, but unless you're a total surfing novice you shouldn't have any problem here.

BOTTOM LINE: Unbelievable Wears A Uniform

One Month: $18.95



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