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Review of Lap Dancing Babes:

It's the grand opening of, and the front page is flapping in the electronic breeze, heralding (cue echo effect) "Thousands of XXX photos, Full Bios...and Much Much More!".


It's hard for me to slam on a brand new site like this, but I'm not sure what they were thinking with these premature E-jack-undulations. There are about 608 photos, bios are sparsley outfitted with cream-puff information like astro signs and hobbies, and the "much, much more!" must be referring to the millions of colorized pixels that stand in for the in-absentia content at this threadbare cyber joint.

To be fair, the photos that do populate this measly-post ghost town are well-shot and pleasing to the eye, and the models are certainly not hard to look at. The girls hail from different parts of Old World and New (London, New York, Scotland, California, Florida...all U.K. countries and hot spots in the States) and have short little intro letters letting you know what they're like:

"Hello, all you sexy boys out there, I have never done any work before on the internet and the owner of my club thought it a good idea to appear on this site. I think he just wanted to see my ass and pussy up close. Well I don't mind because he is cute and if he tried it on with me I would fuck him madly", etc.

Apparently one of the future features will be made-to-order photo requests by memberships. May have been cool to see some early ones by MasterBeta testers to give us an idea of what that would be like?The ladies' age range is 19-27, for an average so far of mid-twenties. A couple of the models only have one(!) pic up so far with a "More Photos Coming Soon" promise. You're supposed to trust them on this I guess, even though they opened the doors to the public on this waaaaay too early. At least they don't falsely promise video content because it is unfortunately nowhere to be found :(

There aren't a whole lot of ads except for a couple. One of the real funny things is I couldn't find a price beyond the two-day trial membership, and even that (according to the billing company) was a membership "no longer offered by LapDancingBabes". Might have been a good thing to have a working cash register before you turned on the marquee lights, eh? Very strange.

BOTTOM LINE: A Good Thing You're Sitting On Your Wallet

Two-Day Trial: $3

Beyond: Who knows?



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