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Review of Gothic Undine:

Sometimes children don't always turn out how parents would like them to, especially when they have older, more succesful offspring to compare them with.

GothicUndine is the progeny of U.K. native Ian X, the GOTHfather of this site as well as and (you can read my review of Gothic Amateur here: ). Daddy Of The Dark is a talented photographer, and surpassing the somewhat homeliness of GothicAmateur, the design of Undine got the good looks genes. But pretty is as pretty does, and while the potential is there, this daughter's dowry isn't quite big enough to compete with her sisters'.

The focus is on Undine, a pallid beauty from Bristol, England. She is quite lovely, and it is unfortunate that we don't get to see her in a few more locations, because as of right now the only could-be interesting locale is a graveyard. The bad thing is most of these photos are shot right against a large tree with little variety to any of the snaps. Others include her on a mattress, in a tight corset, or in a red dominatrix outfit, etc.

There are only about ten sets of pics (about 926) even though this site has been up for close to a year, and one of the groups come courtesy of sister where Undine has participated as well. Speaking of Undine's "participation", this is the single biggest factor besides amount and updates of content that drags the whole thing straight to the dungeon. Her diary entries (a vital part of any single model site) are spotty at best, her last entry being from September 24th. There is rarely a good reason for this to go on when you've got membership counting on you to stay in touch. Apparently Undine is in grad school which would be enough to slow many people down, but it might be time to pull the plug here if she can't devote more time to this.

Ad placement is fairly light as far as banners. They are mostly portals to genre-similar places, but I didn't really like all of the in-text linking to Ian's other sites, especially when this one being so sorely needy that it would be a tease to members when they found the virtual bounty in comparison to this one. It might be wise to link the three as a buy-one-get-all deal because broken away from the coven, GothicUndine is clearly going without needed family attention.

Video content is nowhere to be found and is sorely needed as well if this is going to survive for the long haul. The sibling sites have much more to offer in the way of pictorial content and updates to stave off the stake, but over GothicUndine it is poised and ready to strike. It's a shame too, because if it were only given more attention this Adult child would grow into a true beauty.

BOTTOM LINE: Needs A Blood Tranfusion

3 Day Trial: $6.95

Two Month: $19.95



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