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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $6.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days

Review of Reel 18:

The models of Reel18 are almost all without question extremely hot, not man-made structures like the Pamela Anderson type but maybe like the little minx that sits next to you in Geology 101 with the smooth skin and yet to be revealed natural top-off-graphy.

Another thing going for this site is the fact that it is all original content (except for some sidetrack leasey-cams). It's mostly softcore, so don't come expecting juicy-thrust central, because this ain't it. The Reel guys are aiming for tantalization (it works), though not a tease, since you get to see all the glandscape of each girl you want by the end with nice photo/video camera work throughout. Girls on boats, girls in Vegas, schoolgirl skirts and sassy interviews. I liked the girl-girl interviews because the models seemed to come more alive and be more comfortable when the confident-yet-playful (cute voice!) female interviewed them.

Design is nicely done with a nary an ad in site, everything extremely clean and functional. Simple pull-down tabs are readily available, so there's no damn way you'll need a map or get lost here, but unfortunately that brings me to a few complaints.

The site is a few years old now, with a respectable over 50 flick archive to choose from, quite full enough to warrant staying here past a month or two. But the gripe is that, while video quality is adequate in their QuickTime presentation, you can't save any of the .movS. I don't care what anyone's reasoning is, this kind of thing never flies, especially when so many other exclusive clubs let their members store the movies that they rightfully paid their good cash to keep them. This site is far better than average and needs to join the crowd on this to maintain its competitive edge.

Video content is divided by year: Girls of 2003, Cuties of 2002, Hotties of 2001, More Girls 2001, and Outdoor Flashing with everything divided into several clips, which unfortunately you can't stitch together because of the no-save deal. At least the movies come down lightning fast, as everytime I clicked one it just shot down the pike immediately. Unfortunately I felt a few of the clips to be a bit too short.

Photos are high quality (hundreds upon hundreds) and are bunched with the videos under each girl-listing for whatever year you are persuing at the time. Unlike many sites whose photos (sometimes forgiveably) feel tacked on to supplement the main video attraction, but these are freaking hot pictures. Almost all super hot girls and pictures that you would actually want to save (and can).

BOTTOM LINE: They're Keepin It (?) Reel

One Month: $19.95 (recurring)



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