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Review of Deane Productions:

Robert Deane started his site in 1998 as a free gathering place for bondish/fetish lovers, but as costs mounted and quality grew Mr. Deane decided to throw some velvet ropes around the joint and start charging admission to his passion stash. And it's well worth it.

As I alluded to in my recent review of Red's Realm (, many times bondage gets a bad rap in the media. The first thing that usually enters people's mind is scenarios like the infamous "Bring out the Gimp" scene in Pulp Fiction, a world peopled with perverted, undeducated hilligans that dwell in houses with big shotguns and secret chambers.

O.K., maybe the secret chambers part is true, and undeniably those types exist beyond the silver screen. But when the light streams through the trap door, those rogues probably occupy a small corner away from the rest of this subterranean sect whose main members rely on love and trust to take the sting out of things.

DeaneProductions focuses on domination/submission theme throughout, whether they take the form of video, pictorial, or bondage type fiction, and entering the member's area is like staring into hundreds of lurid red keyholes. Not exactly easy on the eyes, but don't worry because it gets much prettier inside. Robert's photos number about 10,000 strong and are shot with lighting, composition and clarity in mind so you can see very clearly who is struggling to get you off.

Like the photos, you can trust this guy to check back in on you with extreme frequency, and given the going-on-five-year track record, it's a safe assumption that the pattern is not about to be broken. Video is presented in Real Player format, shot with obvious relish and skill, and can be bound into your /C lair for future torture. And you won't struggle to make out the victims because the quality overall fairly dominates ;)

There are over 50 girls featured and counting, and not only in this site a member of the SweetTies family, there is a strong community following that exists in Yahoo newsgroups like where you can tap into the gathering to see if this type of lifestyle might interest you.

BOTTOM LINE: Allow Us To Strap You In

One Month Trial: $19.95 (recurring at $9.95)

Three Month: $34.95 (non-recurring)

Six Month: $69.95 (non-recurring)


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