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Review of Linda Tran:

Linda Tran, an American-born girl of Vietnamese-Chinese descent, nearly ending up bearing an Australian accent, but the only thing down under about her now is her aspiration to live up to her self-billing as "...The Asian Girl With The Best ASSet".

And there's plenty more to learn about her at her site, unlike many "personality" sites that barely do more than reveal favorite colors and type -smooch- alot. Linda allows members to peer in on her life every month and doesn't patronize like the many wannabes with their barely-disguised money lust.

Layout and design here is simply top-notch with the touch of an obvious professional, and the cool thing is that the professional is Linda herself, who among her many well-tended focuses is a web-design business that obviously is coming in pretty darn handy. While a lot of girls claim to be their own webmistresses (when you know that many times in reality standing behind them are some neuron-enhanced cyber wonks), Linda can point to her web design company as proof. Soft-shaded menus and sharp-but-muted pleasure paths twist a sinuous path throughout the site.

The videos are top-drawer soft core, ranging from behind-the-scenes fare to fictionalized public encounters. The quality is excellent and are presented for /C save in Real Player format. My favorite was the bar encounter where Linda slips away to relieve herself of thongs and sexual build-up. There is almost a full gig of video content, with short, medium and long clips provided.

There are several thousand photos at least, and again, you could barely ask for more quality-wise in regards to all grading aspects (variety, spontanaiety, enjoyment, clarity, etc.).

Some nice bonus features include hot stories (written word and Real Audio clips), romantic advice from Linda, the prerequiste journals, bios, interview archive, the store, jokes, letters, mp3 selections, pal photo sets, web cam chats with corresponding calendar and more. It's gonna set you back extra to chat with Linda one-on-one as is the norm with almost any site you go, but there is such a wealth of entertainment here that I doubt you'll be bothered by that because once you've been there for awhile you feel like you kinda know her anyway.

It's always good to find a girl like Linda with looks, intelligence and skills to match. If you are into Asian girls or not I would highly recommend her site.

BOTTOM LINE: This TRANsitive Brings The Ass

One Month $18.95 (non-recurring)

Six Months: $75.00 (non-recurring)



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