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Pictures: No Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Licka Licka:

What I enjoy about buffets is that there's usually at least a few things laid out that almost anyone can enjoy. Don't like fried food? Try the veggies. Shrimp not your bag? Go for the Beef Wellington.

Licka-Licka is just such a place, and it's only downfall (like a lot of generic grab-and-grub restaraunts) is the fact that you can find this stuff anywhere. You may not satisy your dinstinguished palate, but odds are you won't go away hungry. Unless you have just way too much time on your hands (and a healthy supply of speed), it would be an impressive feat to chomp through all of the content provided here.

The layout is user-friendly, if a little too "busy" for someone likes things to be clean and simple. There are some ads, not overkill or anything, but they're there, and a bit of a distraction. The worst ones are the pitches they try to foist on you with their "premium" services, which of course is always the most enticing content since you don't have access to it without breaking out the plastic again.

With your membership you get the chance to wade through a literal throng of pictures, and far be it from me to complain about too many choices, but it does get to a point where they all start to seem the same, i.e. leased stuff that, while high quality, really starts to blend into a muddled mess. You'll have fun, but continuity and clean surfing really is sorta tossed out the window.

The video feeds and mpegs are all imported goods, opening a new browser when you want to check any of this stuff out. They don't scrimp on the portions but this outsourcing is always a negative with me especially when this is all it is. Video clarity is a mixed-bag because of course everthing is a compilation of their sources. And unfortunately, many of these place are back-out traps and pop-up hell. At one point I almost had to throw in the towel and reboot because of the browser hijacking seige laid upon my poor computer. This pop-up stuff happened on only a few but it was enough to really piss me off.

Updates are very frequent, which is always appreciated, probably due to the mega-mall atmosphere that acts like a giant poonani magnet, drawing bits and pieces to itself in its quest to become the biggest leased-material spewer on the internet. Most of the new and old stuff is, but not limited to, lesbian-oriented content. That's the main ingredient, but there are other additives when you're ready for a new flavor.

The front page is very honest, if not quite represenative of aesthetics, when it tells you what you get. The nice thing is that there is a feedback rating for everything, so at least if you join, your fellow LickaLikes can let you know where to get in line.

BOTTOM LINE: Bland but Bountiful

One Week- $4.95

One Month- $29.95

Three Months- $69.95



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