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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, RM, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$54.95/90 days
$89.95/180 days

Review of Sweet Cuties:

Apparently there is only one strict rule at Sweetcuties:

You don't need a chaperone, you don't have to wait half an hour after eating to dive in, but it is highly suggested that you do bring a towel. According to the webmaster, you're going to need it.

And now I see why. A hot little stash of exclusive content, I must say. It's plain to see that the girls are truly the next door type (not faux-innocent skankocytes), and they range anywhere from shy suburban girls to budding future strippers (the 19 year-old blonde that did the "outdoor ass jiggle" will probably be into stripping any day now, I'm just sure of it). They are all young with an innocent look about them, but " the WebGuy" really knows how to get the girls laughing and comfortable so that their youthful reluctance doesn't turn into a roadblock.

Layout is a bit of a log jam, as each page of content is a 1/2 mile long. I actually wouldn't mind this, except for the fact that I almost missed the link to page 2! It was there, alright, but I came real close to missing it. There are a few minor ads and/or links and such that would be better off someplace else, but these minor technical gripes are hardly worth mentioning because of the generous load of exclusivity in this joint.

There are about 113 videos to be had- I grabbed about three at once, and they went into the bag pretty fast. At full screen they were not up to snuff...pretty blocky and such (Real Player). Hopefully something will be done about this, because the the site has too good of a thing going to bring it down with anything but the best video clarity. Don't get me wrong, the movies are enjoyable and well worth it, but just need a slight upgrade, that's all.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes xxx places tend to reflect (or seem to reflect) a particular bent towards a certain physical type of girl? As in, that's what the webmaster likes, so you better like it too type of thing? Well, either the WebGuy has broad tastes, or he goes out of his way to provide a variety of girls...of course the one thing they have in common is that they're "sweet cuties", right :)

All-in-all you get roughly 1800 pics in a wide set variety (as well as local, positions, etc.). My calculator is a small little piece of crap, so it might be more and I pushed the wrong buttons, but I'm real close to being on the money. They're all thumbnailed galleries that are nice and clear ( most of the girls have accompanying videos).

This place is not "hardcore" for the most part...not sanitized, but definitely not sweaty grunt-fucking sessions either. Just young ladies being coaxed to show off their hot bodies. Sometimes they get coaxed into something a little "extra" dirty, but don't buy this membership if you're looking for chicks getting bukaked or anything. These little vixens merely want to look on shyly while you fire one off.

Updates seem solid so far (this site is only going on a few years old from what I can gather). I did notice a few promises for video that has not been added yet from previous shoots (e.g. "blah'blah will be coming back 'soon' to masturbate for us, etc.), but no biggie really. Probably should let us know the status on some of those but that's really reaching for a nitpick. This man is too busy trying to get content to his members to bother running the fact-check wand over the thing I guess. : Let me tell you, he's having way too much fun!

I heard the webmaster say (several times, I might add) say: "I looooove what I do".

I bet pal... I bet. That, and shopping for towels.

BOTTOM LINE: Stock up on the Clorox


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