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Review of Amateur Pages:

You might say that places like are like the dinosaurs. The asteroid hasn't reset the biomatrix of Porn Planet, but these creatures days may be numbered; unless they, like the pre-historic cockroach, have something to protect them from the nuclear winter.

This place is an outdated mess. The layout screams 1995 porn magazine content, and some of the color choices for text and borders just really bothered me. I always prefer sleek and clean, which of course lends itself to quick and easy site navigation. So much of the supposed content links lead to teaser stuff and shake-the-can sign-up begging.

The one positive I can tell you about this place is you get hundreds upon hundreds of pics, enough to mess around with for a couple of weeks, depending on your porn comsumption meter. If you're high on the spooge chain, you're only looking at maybe a week, tops. Their are some decent sets here, but again, you can tell that a lot of is old, crusty material that seen its better days.

Videophiles should avoid this tarpit, as all they have is a bunch of crap, what better way can I say it. About all you can get are teasers, since almost everything you hit on your way down the scale is can-shake. It's like going to a cheapo strip club...a bunch of girls beg for you to buy them $20 glasses of ice water and don't even try to help you suspend your disbelief that the only thing they give a shit about is feeding on your wallet.

Bottom-of-the-barrel leased "live" feeds all over the place. If you go to one of them, you get locked into downloading their special "crapware" and can't back out of the page. I'm not sure how this business tactic works (maybe on dumbasses), but it never has on me or any of my friends that I'm aware of.

Besides half the content being ads unto themselves, there are banners blinking all over the place, to the point where you need aspirin. O.K., Vicodin. Like Tivo, people want the option of cutting out the commerical. Sometimes you can't cut it out completely, but their is no good excuse for this garbage except to line pockets and let members suffer when they overdo it like this.

No sense is going on. The only way you won't feel cheated is maybe sign up for the three day. After that, pull the hell out, man. There's a giant rock heading this way.

BOTTOM LINE: Kill this bug before it multiplies

$3.95 three day trial

$39.95 one month (recurring)



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