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Review of X Lesbians:

I've decided not to guess why there is an x in front of lesbians in this name, since the answer probably is that was taken by those ghaustly domain pirates. I checked out and it is just an url that redirects you to another.

The truth is that this site should probably have been the "original" since this site really does a lot to bring you as many lesbian shoots as possible. And indeed they do. Just with a little finger counting I gather that they have over 400 photo shoots in their lesbian section alone. I didn't have time to do a lot of surfing on this site since the speed was below average during my entire visit there. This is also why I tell you that they offer both live and recorded video feeds in all genres, however I cannot verify this because after waiting 5 minutes for it to appear I cancelled my one and only feed I tried, sorry. Same thing with their sex games section, I waited for about 1 minute for it to appear, but this section never did, it simply couldn't find the page, so I won't review that part either. The pictures however appear to be located on another server which seemed to run smooth during the entire visit. And with all the categories in pictures you could ever want this site really offers an almost ultimate collection of pictures. All in all they claim to offer over 250.000 hardcore pictures.....I have no reason to say they are lying.

The better part of the pictures I viewed had very good quality, even when I moved around in the areas that this site should not specialize in. Even the hardcore section had a good quality of pictures. Ironically the worst quality I saw was in the high resolution area, but a few will always slip through.
The quality of feeds and games cannot be reviewed due to no speed and non existing page.


3 DAY TRIAL MEMBERSHIP - (Online Credit Card)
30 DAY MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - (Online Credit Card)
5 DAY TRIAL MEMBERSHIP - (Online US Checking Accounts)
30 DAY MEMBERSHIP - (Via Telephone)

Although my experience with the feeds and the games were not the best (mildly put) I will not start trashing this site. Since I truly believe that for access to 250.000+ hardcore pictures of good quality is not all that expensive. Trouble is that pictures alone might have a tough time keeping you interested that long, then again it's 1/4 of million. Those who can I won't advice you to buy the 3 day trial, since that is simply not enough time to get the most out of this site. The 5 day trial, for those who can might be a good idea, but be carefull, you might just find yourself wanting to buy a 30 day membership right after. All in all this is a nice picture site and worth the money.

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