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Review of All Redheads:

Nicole Kidman. David Caruso. Vincent VanGogh. Julienne Moore. And oh yeah, let's not forget Carrot Top...all-natural redheads, carriers of the recently indentified "ginger gene" that, according to scientific studies, only represents somewhere between 1-2% of the world's population.

So you can imagine the dilemna of Nina Rouge, webmaster of Content can be a bit of a challenge. But she finds them; many, many pretty, bonafide redheads, and a very select few "honorary ones".

The problem here is that, like redheads, another rare thing in this world is quality, and while I truly believe this site tries in earnest, on a few key fronts this place just flat-out fails to deliver the goods. I should have known what I was in for when reading the about Nina section. She mentions the fact that she owns and runs a web design company. What's just awesome about it is this: in the very paragraph that establishes her design pedigree, every last letter on every last word in the whole paragraph is cut-off, by poor design! I normally wouldn't nitpick on something like this since it would usually be unimportant in the grand scheme, except for the subject matter and...I just had to call in the irony police. The whole site isn't hard on the eyes or anything and it's not like you can't find your way around, but it really is just Averageville.

The videos are plentiful, but sorry, the quality is poor throughout. Some have slow loads (ergo slow loads). A lot of the models are very attractive but most of the videos can be summed up (even as small-size) as "red pixelization" while the videographer and photographer drone on with chit-chat or art direction. They try to get cutesy with the old P.O.V. of the Nodding Camera- always a classic. MODEL: "You wanna see my red pussy?" CAMERA: performs a swift up-and-down motion meant to approximate the positive affirmation of a horny male head-nod.

You get a lot of pictures and I can't fault them, really. For the small gene pool, there's been a lot of castin'. That's why I was especially anxious to see these girls in their full resolution in movement.

The main thing that gets my red-haired goat is the price: The regular monthly fee is $24.95 and the value is simply not there. IF the video bar was raised and the price came down to under $20, maybe you'd have a deal. Until that happens, and I hate to say it because this site seems to update frequently, does not beat you over the head with ads, and tries to put in a real effort, but for the's just not worth it.



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