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Review of Tilas Hotspot:

This girl's enthusiasm is infectious and she's also downright hilarious. Did I mention she has one hell of a kick-ass website? This review is a gusher, so skip a few paragraphs if you just want to read the drumroll.

Tila (say TEE-la), is sorta this cute little "Lucille Ball" of porn. Instead of crushing grapes though, she uses her self-deprecating humor to completely disarm while she disrobes for you. Don't get me wrong, her site is not this huge banana peel of "funny" - you're going to get off in a big way, but her effervescent personality seems to saturate every bit of the content in a way that brings everything up a level.

Interestingly, all of this cute spunk and "go-get-'em" positivity is juxtaposed with some real her diary section, Tila freely admits to a sometimes scary and cult-like childhood; regrets an impersonal relationship with her brother, and gives glimpses of darkness in some of her poetry. She also makes fun of people she thinks are idiots (including members of her own site - no sacred cows here), but really seems genuine and caring towards people with whom she connects. I don't buy it when she says "I really don't care what other people think of me." I am no psychologist, but it's apparent she cares quite a bit. One of the biggest clues is her self-consciousness, but I suspect she wouldn't be Tila without it. I don't know what the male equivilent of Florence Nightengale syndrome is, but man, she gives it to you. I swear you wanna give her a hug (and yes, probably something more - stay away, she's MINE!), and tell her you've come to wipe away her tears of a clown.

So how is the site? The layout is pleasing and solid with a design that is tip-top. Easy navigation sails you to all the sweet ports in Tila Island: the videos are white-hot and plentiful(and sometimes funny - see above) and the quality is fairly above reproach. Why watch television when you can have TILAvision. Download was quick and easy. Also, her FAQs page is great. You learn here why Tila wants to have Britney Spears' babies (not her records) and tells you a big secret about Chuck T's Converse shoes. You also find out that Tila is a schizophrenic kook (HaHaHa! That's my "Tila" laugh :)

Let's get over a bit of detail here, shall we? Here's some lowdown: You get tons of pictures. I don't have an exact count but there are thousands of Tila pics (enough to wade through for a long time) as well as many of her galpals' shoots whenever you want em. And of course besides the "normal" shoots you get tons of goofy pics where Tila sports funny baseball hats that say "I Love Nerds" and other such oddities. She rings-in-the-new frequently in her daily update section, and the archive pond is nice and stocked.

Hang on a second and let me dig for my nit- picker...ok, got it. There are no posted times right now for TilaCam chat, but she says it's for a good reason. Apparently, it gets to be quite a clusterfuck in there (no pun intended). She is phasing into one-on-one chat, and I'm gonna have to assume this costs extra. In the meantime, you can still chat freely in the members area. I wrote her just an hour ago, but as of press time I have not yet heard back (she's probably busy throwing things into the "Trash Room" or munching on snacks - you'll hear about this stuff once you join). When I hear back about this I will update this review with that information.

Drumroll, please: At $19.95 a month, you can't go wrong. It doesn't get much better than this, and I think you'll have an awesome time with Tila (and friends). It's a sure bet.



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