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Review of Just Hardcore:

Justhardcore, now that's a dary name for a site, I wonder if it really is just hardcore.... let me save you the suspence because I know you are all just dying to know, no it's not just hardcore, not at all actually, let's go on and see what there actually is.

First of all there is no exclusive content here, this is just another one of those sites thrown together by buying material off other sites. Anyways you get a lot of models posing here and hardcore pictures, all the hardcore material is 4 years old though, I recognized all the hardcore pictures from waaay back, these are like the most used pictures on the net. Totally un-original.
you also get some video feeds from all the useual video feed providers.

The design of the site has been done rather poorly considering that this site is not the fastest of sites. On a 1mbit connection we didn't expect to have to wait 5-10 seconds for a page to load, but we did. The pictures you get, though non-exclusive, most of them are of pretty good quality and we did look oversome nice babes. About the feeds I think it's needless to say now that they are slow and low quality most of them, a real ripoff site.

Nothing really interesting despite the option to download entire shoots in .zip files, but this option is not in all the sections so my enthusiasm kind of ran out there.


1 MONTH:$49.95

this site is purely counting on you buying a trial membership and then hope you don't cancel it, therefore we will not list the trial price here.

NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. This is one of the most expensive and un-original sites I have ever seen, if you buy access to this site after having read this review, you are just plain old stupid. Stay away WAY too much money for a site like this, there are 1000's out there like it to half the price.

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