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Review of Porno for Punks:

I can remember times I've been at the mall, hanging out with buddies, when one of them will point and say "Look! Nice body, but the weird hair, the crazy clothes, and the half-ton of metal stuck in her face has got to go." If you're like my pal, then this site is not for you. The site name says it all. If you are into rebellious booty, this might be the place to hang your spiked dog collar and call home (at least for awhile).

This is mostly a picture site with very little video (I'll get to the movies in a minute). Basically you get close to 5000 pictures divided into 108 sets of 45 pictures a piece. While the pictures are of decent quality, the variety in each set is a mixed bag. Some of the shoots seem very inspired in locale - My favorite set was in a moldy basement where the model squatted on a piece of flattened cardboard (the pornforpunks crew probably kicked a breakdancer's ass to get this) with a half empty beer bottle. A punk girl's natural habitat (I've actually seen some in the wild. Seriously).

For some reason though, a small portion of the sets feature Nancies (sometimes with Sids) literally only changing their poses ever-so-slightly from one snap to the next. I was half-tempted to print them all out, put them in order and shuffle-flip them cartoon-style so I could at least enjoy some movement out of these static shoots. I will stress however that this is only a small problem and does not represent the majority of the content.

There was some difficulty spotting the video section right away but I found it soon enough. It's small. The quality is so-so, but I will say that the participants seem to have a good time- a decent start to a section that needs to grow. Maybe one of the problems is finding true punk girls out there willing to get down and dirty, because in the model search area they give the hard sell to potential Cuntent, even as far as coming to the model instead of vice-versa if they think she's a fit.

Maybe the Punk Manifesto prevents any true warm personal interaction, but at least we could have some small bios, quotes from the girls, favorite bands etc. Any little informational text will do so that maybe the viewer can connect with the girls a bit more. I had a lot of punk friends, and contrary to some people's opinions, they're generally pretty smart bastards. Maybe feed our minds a bit while we watch?

It's $14.95 per month, and the final word is this: If the thought of punk poon makes you hot, this is probably for you, and there should have enough to chew on for at least 30 days.


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