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Review of Black Bachelor:

With this site we move in to the interracial end of the porn spectre. The site is run by and acted out by 30 year old black male, Craig. Craig is a former magazine model, but I doubt any of us really care about that ;) We care about the women Craig catches on film while he's fucking them right? Well that's what he does here, he picks up white girls and... well I'll let you figure out the end to that sentence.

It's starts out pretty well since Craig is without a doubt shooting much of the content here himself, most of it actually and I love seeing new material. However my first grief about the site turned out to be a pretty big one because it was very hard to find your way around on this site. First off I was looking of all the hardcore interracial sex shot by craig but that was a bit more tricky than I had expected. At first I found both pictures and videos through the "what's new"-section but I think I figured out which is the primary movie section as well... but I'm really not sure.

First off, the hardcore clips I found in the "what's new" section were great! It was hardcore interracial sex the way god intended it to be and it was in high quality mpegs available for download, all good things. I wish I could have went straight to the source for more of these clips (don't get me wrong I know it's probably there) but I couldn't figure out which section he would have put his exclusive movies in. I tried the "interracial movie downloads" section but this one was a mixture of really bad and ok quality movies, short and with various guys and girls, nothing exclusive there.

After this the site was starting to wear me down more than turning me on, it became an endless search for quality pics/clips and the navigation kept confusing me and made me use my "Back" button more than I like to. It could have been so easy, have a section where Craigh put all the stuff he has shot in and then maybe categorize it there in pictures and clips? The reason I think he is avoiding this at the moment is probably because he doesn't have all that much material on line yet, very little actually. What you find here is stuff from other sites, promo material and randomly selected interracial movies.

Craig writes a lot I'll give him that, there are enternaining stories written by himself, there is a whole section dedicated to the first white girl he fucked with a detailed story of how that night went.

I'm sure I'm gonna get burned pretty bad on this review because it seems a lot of other people have just praised this site to the skies. I don't have much praise for it yet I'm afraid, but you never know with these new sites, I hope to come back in a few months and then the site is much better organized and Craig is just pumping out his own stuff.

1 month: $19.95 (recurring)


I'll be honest, I don't like this page at all maybe it's just too messy or maybe there is just not enough material online yet. I'm sure Craig is meaning to give his members as much as possible but I think if he would make it easier for us to go straight for the good stuff instead of banging our heads against promotional walls all over we would enjoy much much more. Having said that I should also say that the site is extremely new and that Craig seems to be working hard to merge more sites under one to give you more bang for your bucks, still I think he should concentrate on his own material, and right now it's just too messy (didn't I mention that already?).

Note that my ratings are only based on Craig's own exlcusive material and not all the promo stuff or external links.


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