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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days
$29.96/30 days

Review of Deputy Dick:

Update 16-12-2003

Some people have been sending me mails that they were quite satisfied with their membership at some of the SIC sites even though there were only streams available so I decided to sign up today and see if something changed and well something did. They still don't let us download the actual movies but during this past year their content on each site have grown a lot with regular updates AND they have now decided to give us access to all their reality sites with one membership. Now a membership for this site includes access to:
(male and female bi-sex)

I also think its worth mentioning that you get access to
Because of this new huge addition of content I nudge the review ½ a star but I would have been shelling out 4½ if we could save the clips in better quality because the 300k streaming vids they have now barely make it in full screen, but a good bang for your buck value.

Here we go, another one of those "oops we have found a (sometimes) stunning lass who just happens to be wandering around, let's "persuade" her to strip, suck and fuck me!" sites. Don't get me wrong I like these sites but with the likes of Bangbus, Bitchmobile, the list is pretty lengthy now, and you need a twist to get me interested!

I had trouble with this site to begin with. The feeds, which I may add are not downloadable yet again, kept freezing my machine! It gets quite annoying when you have to keep restarting every ten minutes. When that stopped going though the results were...average. There wasn't a tremendous amount of content here as I'm pretty sure it has just opened. There are only 14 streams to get your teeth into here and I found most of them to be enjoyable. I say enjoyable as most of them had me chuckling to myself at the sheer amateurish nature of the scenes! The people involved are obviously enjoying themselves to the extent that they show it a little too much! They start laughing and with some of the "dirty" talk had me laughing and it was clear that they were on the verge of laughing too! It's because of this I could like this site, some others try a bit too hard in my eyes, this has an air of fun and mischief to it which makes it appeal to me. If you like your sex with a bit of comedy too then this is your site.

The video quality isn't crystal clear but they are feeds as opposed to downloads. The feed only being available as Windows Media, but having 3 different quality settings depending on connection speed. I can see exactly why they have done it, so you have to come back to watch the fun, but sometimes you don't want to have to trawl the internet for it you just want to double click and watch! There are also picture sets sistering the action in the video, taken directly from the video if I'm not mistaken, but the quality is not great and I prefer to see them in moving form!The fun is kind of limited by the lack of content, however they do seem to update on the 1st and 15th of each month, which is not good enough for me! If I'm gonna pay to enter this site, on a monthly basis, two updates just isn't enough. Maybe there ain't enough law breakin' being done there!?!

Apart from the Yogi-esque staging of crimes for this park ranger there are links to some other stream based sites as well, which include the ever sumptuous Jenna, the bodacious bubble girls (I've been a fan for ages!) and Sweet Loads (another golden oldie for me). There are some other "bonuses" but they ain't worth mentioning in my eyes! Bad quality and basically a bit shite!

If you want my advice on this site I'd say take the $3.95 trial, enjoy the content and leave before you have to pay any more. The content will keep you amused for this time but I don't think it's worth the extra money a month membership would ask for.


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