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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
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Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days
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Review of Who wants to fuck a Billionaire:

Update 16-12-2003

Some people have been sending me mails that they were quite satisfied with their membership at some of the SIC sites even though there were only streams available so I decided to sign up today and see if something changed and well something did. They still don't let us download the actual movies but during this past year their content on each site have grown a lot with regular updates AND they have now decided to give us access to all their reality sites with one membership. Now a membership for this site includes access to:
(male and female bi-sex)

I also think its worth mentioning that you get access to
Because of this new huge addition of content I nudge the review ½ a star but I would have been shelling out 4½ if we could save the clips in better quality because the 300k streaming vids they have now barely make it in full screen, but a good bang for your buck value.

Why not try to make a spin of a successful tv-show? Well the only thing that resembles the actual show with Regis would be the similar words. Infact this is just another to come spitting out of Shaw Internet. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the idea that we should get more of these sites, and I still think that Shaw is not doing a poor job, they simply just won't let the members download the movies. It's kinds of a teaser that you can download an actual .mpeg as a sample before you join, when infact there are no mpegs for download on the inside. You are forced to login and watch the movies streaming to get your rocks on.
I'm probably not gonna get passed this and so this review will in many ways resemble the one I wrote for bitchmobile which is done by the same people.

The story that drives the perticular site is about some guys driving around (surprise.... who said bangbus?) and they play really rich guys, but the money they are flaunting are fake. It even has one the guys dorky faces on the bills but the girls can't see that untill it's too late. Therefore you will see a lot of:

Grl:Now how about the money?

- Guy laughingly hands her a false note

Girl: Hey this is fake!

Guy: Oh really ! :)

- Guys drive off with the "dumb" girl screaming and running after them feeling pretty abused, which she was ;)

Is it wrong of me to actually get turned on by this idea? I don't think it is, I think a lot of you would instantly want to sign up to this site just as I did. And yes! Once again I admit that the movies are well set up and the acting is pretty good and the theme keeps the wheels turning, but come on! Why does Shaw insist that we can't have these movies for our own personal collection when we have already paid for it? And let's face it, it's easier to get down to business when you just double click the file in Explorer than to log in and find the one you want and wait for the stream to go smooth, which it might not always do. I didn't have any problems viewing the movies though at all.

3 day trial: $3.95 recurs at $39.95 a month

See the price? This is what I'm talking about, right now this site is very new first of all and there really aren't many movies, I think there are 8 or so now. For $40 you get to "rent" these movies?! Sorry, it just doesn't cut it, the price is too high for that, we want downloadable movies, sing out loud people WE WANT DOWNLOADABLE MOVIES..... ok so that won't be our mantra I guess, someone come up with something that "swings" a bit better and we'll do that.


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