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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $12.50/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $89.95/365 days (Reg. $95.40)

Review of Cute Latina:

This is a collective review of the sites but stands out a lot from the rest of the sites in this poor package so read more about Talia's site in the bold writing.

"VIP Where you get to have your cake and eat it too!"

Well I wouldn't exactly call it cake, you get a few biscuits sure but I chucked those down pretty fast so I'm still pretty hungry (man I love writing in metaphors woaw!). The reason I hit upon this lots-of-sites-for-the-price-of-one collection was through I figured it had been a while since we saw some good latin sites on here and I'm trying to remedy that but this didn't turn out quite like I had expected it to. I signed up and found out that I now had access to a lot more sites and strangely enough I didn't find this out till I actually tried to access the members area where I was presented with TWO choices of logging in. I quickly decided to then review all the sites in the package under this review.

The idea is a good one, I usually like when the sites get together to make one mega site filled with exclusive content and for the price of one site, how can that go wrong? Well in this case the image gets shattered as soon as you look at one of the other sites (besides which is actually quite good). These sites can best be described as medium quality AVS (Adult Verification Site) sites. If you have not visited and of the big AVS rings I can quickly tell you that the purpose of these are to offer you 100.000 of sites for the price of one, but they are all small, quickly and sloppy built and non exclusive content. This package is basically the same deal except you only get access to 10 of these sites, in this comparison it really doesn't sound like a good deal does it?

I want to leave out of the trashing here because that one actually has a lot of exclusive material of Talia both video and pictures and is still frequently updated. If you have ANY interest in this package it should be because of this site. I spend a lot of time here going through tons of videos I downloaded in .mpg format. The videos were pretty good quality with sound and you had everything from hardcore to masturbation to lesbian to whatever. Talia is up for a bit of everything. She also offers lots of good quality pictures and she still updates frequently. Also she does two webcam sessions each week and through her site you get access to two cam networks. makes this package worth the price so this is really the site you should be interested in, if it's any of the others here is a quick description which seems to fit all of them pretty well:

The rest of the sites here are also amateur girls and some are just random picture sites. The amateur girls (with the exception of Casey who has a few) have very very few pictures online. 5-6 photo shoots and a fuck-you-very-much is what you get from them.

The rest is a selection of random pictures and video clips, the kind that cost $10 for 1 million pictures, that's all crap and non-exclusive of course, more a ripoff than anything else really.


1 month: $18.95


Well it's confusing I know but here comes my verdict; Cutelatina is a good single girl amateur site of a latin girl who is up for a bit of everything. Sign up to cutelatina if she tickles your fancy.
The package besides cutelatina is utter crap and if my dog was browsing for porn on the internet it would see that right away as well hence the odd ratings.


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