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Review of FTV Girls:

A very interesting site finally hit my mailbox here. I’m sure I would have never discovered this site on my own so it’s nice to hear from the webmasters. The webmasters here are pretty confident in their own product here and I can certainly see why, they actually mailed and said they would like to see their site in my top 10 ;) Well I can’t promise that but I’ll tell you right now, this site is pretty damn good and different.

The site focus a lot on younger women really, from I saw the age of the women range from 18 to 25, that’s what I saw anyway. I know what you are thinking now then; “Oh another teen site”, well not really, this site stands out from anything I have seen with it’s set up, lemme explain.

The navigation has been made extremely easy for one thing, you browse by magazine covers, each girl has her own “magazine”, the covers are exceptionally well done, I saw a similar idea on earlier but this is much better done. Over all everything you look at here oozes of professionalism, The pictures are of very high quality and obviously shot by skilled photographers, and the videos… wow, high quality if there ever was such a thing. I will vouch for the quality of this site, you need not worry about that at all. Well the first shots are a bit blurry compared to the latest but not much at all, still they have gotten better.

When you first enter the members area you can check out the updates a few months back and it looks like the site is updated 3 times a week approx. The easiest way then to browse is to go to the FTV Girls section. Here the girls are divided into two categories; VideoGirls and PhotoGirls and yes you guessed it, the PhotoGirls have only done photos (who would have thought?). When you go to a girls magazine the material is devided in photos and video and the headlines on the magazine cover actually tells you what the girl offers too, I thought that to be a nice touch. When you check out the videos you also the girl’s data; height, age, measurements and some describing text, all very well done huh?

Well that’s all fine and dandy mr Pornliving but what the hell are we dealing with here?

At first I was gonna say this was a strictly softcore site because it’s definitely glamour all the way. But there is a lot of focus on the girls’ pussies, doing insertions with various toys, fruits and whatever. You will be able to see this in the videos and the camera guys here are not scared of doing extreme close-ups, hell, to give you better views of the inside of the girls’ pussies they’ll even shine a light for you to see better. You won’t see any guys on this site, I didn’t see any, but you will see the girls get down and dirty in hot masturbation scenes and as a contrast the girls always have very classy photos. The webmaster has the idea that it’s nicer to check out a girl fully dressed and then have her get steamy afterwards, I like that idea. I checked out the pictures first and went for the raunchy videos and I liked it like that indeed.

The videos were all in .avi format (DivX) and all the movies are cut up in to segments with not possibility of downloading one big clip. Links to the DivX codec and other video information is available to you if you run in to problems. You can also check out screengrabs of the videos to get an idea of what the clips are about.


I liked this site a lot. I think they go the extra mile to bring you high quality and the way they serve the videos and photos in the magazine form is done successfully and professional. Already they have a nice collection of girls and videos of them, a bigger archive wouldn’t hurt though, and the possibility of downloading one big movie is always nice. Overall this is a very cool girl site with lots of insertions and nastiness done just right if you ask me, and the quality is top notch. The update frequency is nice and no doubt this site will grow much bigger in a hurry so a 5 star rating is probably inevitable in a few months, Highly Recommended, go check it out.


Reader comments:

Comment by: homer666 Rating: 08-04-18

Great site. They recently switched to HD 1080p but the bitrate is as low as 5000kbps thus making videos blurry / too compressed (i.e. bitrate for HD is 8000kbps).

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