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Review of Sung Hi:

It's really gonna be hard to do Sung Hi justice with this review since she is probably the most beautiful asian woman this reviewer has come across while working at And well that is what this site is about, Sung Hi posing in sexy softcore photoshoots.

Alot of work seems to be going into this site, the minute you get in you are reminded (or being made aware) of the constant updates and changes taking place at this site, also you can quickly see when you can chat live with Sung Hi the next time. And well SURPRISE I dropped in on the chat because many times these live chats are a hoax. Well this was fun and she seemed as nice as she looks.

Anyway back to some more actual facts about the site. There are tons material for you here. The site must have been running for quite a long time since 150 photoshoots of one girl on a site is pretty much. But that's not all half of the photoshoots have also been video filmed and is on this site in extremely high quality mpeg format, just waiting for you to download them. Also in the video section you are easily directed to the belonging photoshoot and here you can quickly download all the pictures in one easy .zip file, very nice done.

Ofcourse all of the content is exclusive to this site although many of the pictures are shot by Lisa Boyle who has her own site (a lot of models tend to use her now, and you gotta admit she knows how to take photos).

1 month: $15.95

As you can hear I'm finding it hard to find drawbacks to this site, if I was looking for quality pictures and video clips of a beautiful asian model I would go here every day on the week and twice on sunday. 3 thumbs up!

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