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Review of Janey Web:

I'm not sure Janey would have tempted me to sign up for her site, maybe Janey is not my choice of woman and her webpage design won't win any awards. Still I must say that it was refreshing to stumble across such a hardcore amateur site without the bullshit. Janey comes off (as it should be) very sexually open in the way that she is down for anything especially very hardcore, steamy, sweaty and nasty sex oh and of course her trademark; squirting. It's been a while since I've seen a site that is so "raw" but I actually liked it.

Of course I started off my visit by checking out the pictures, my theory is that the first full sized picture you see inside the members are will a long lasting first time impression. I got lucky, the first pictures I looked at were of good quality, later I also found some of medium quality but overall quality is good, this goes for the video clips too which are downloaded in .zip format and unpacked to Windows Media Format. Quality is not the biggest asset here overall its medium/good quality.

I got pretty much sucked in to this site, the main reason being Janey's nastiness (you think that's a word?) and the ruthless sex. I've been trying to figure out how to describe the hardcore material here and well it's pretty hard but I'll say it this way; It's true amateur sex shots all over, really raunchy and this is what really won me over.

At first I was a bit confused about how to navigate the videos and the picture section where I could download the sets in .zip format. Just going through the pictures one by one was standard and easy to navigate and I wouldn't say it was hard to navigate the video section or the section it just looked a bit confusing at first but was quickly sorted out.

Janey is, as one of her members describe her; "truly horny" and it comes off well on her page. Both in the video section and pictures section you will find stuff like: Fetishes, Bukkake shot, ejacs, lots of group sex, swinging, flashing and loads of other stuff. Janey seems to have very little she won't do and you gotta love that. Also the fact that she has live cams in her office and does a lot of live shows where you can chat in is a big plus.

I loved the "raw deal" section, this one contained very high quality pictures all the way and they could all be downloaded in .zip format, needless to say a few ended up in my own personal collection.

Overall impression

I liked the site because of it's amateur-girl-nature. Janey is a goer following her conquests through the abundance of pictures and video clips with a small opportunity of getting it on with her yourself ;) The site was very hardcore with no bullshit and god I needed that by now (it's been a while). So overall I was very pleased with the site, only things that bugged me a little were the banners that you had to put up with a lot of places :(
Another small thing is the little popup that comes up when you enter the members area, I know it's made only to pop up once, but if you accidentally hit the "back" button to that page again you see it again… gets a little annoying.

The site is very frequently updated so there is a lot of activity going on here, you will also notice by how fast Janey is to respond to posts on the message board, so don't be shy, go in there and ask her a few things. And maybe take the quiz about her after?

1 month: $20.05

This is a good amateur site where you get a lot of interaction through web board and live shows and also great insight to Janey's every day life. The site could do with a makeover because I almost classified this one as trash just by looking at it (it's a bit messy built).

I'll give this site 4 stars, the things that pull this site down is simply the banners, a bit of the navigation and some of the pictures that are really low quality, but overall this is a site I can recommend for amateur lovers… Janey is one hardcore swinging chic!


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