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Review of Young Wives:

Oh boy here we go again… I wonder how one would satisfy the need for men looking for both slutty wives and firm tender bodies?... Hold on I'm thinking… Aaah yes of course it's so obvious we simply make a site with Young Wives wonder why I didn't see that one coming! I'm pretty sure this is how someone was thinking when creating this website get pictures of young girls and say they are married that will get people off. Unfortunately this didn't quite do it for me, sure some of them put on some cleaning gloves and dust the house while being naked but that's also as raunchy as it gets here.

If I look past the fact that these photo sessions look no different than the ones you in hundreds of thousands on the mega sites and that navigating through the pictures is as random as to guess what Dennis Rodman will be wearing tomorrow I still only see a very poor site. You are instantly bombarded with the usual mega amount of leased content and again this site tries to blend it all together just to make navigation that tiny bit harder and hopefully confuse the end user to the point where he can't tell shit from gold.

" Young wives come and go all the time here at Think of us as a revolving door of sweet, wet pussy. Each of these cock teasing beauties stayed a while, screwed us batty, and went her merry way. We wish them well, and hope to meet them again at a party someday and fuck them in the bathroom..."

I am not quite sure as to why they have an ex-wives section and a just married section and what the difference is (besides the obvious of course). What I mean is, both sections are presented as 100% exclusive to so you would think this is their own material shot by themselves? Well I doubt it, the just married section really seems to be just regular licensed pictures of low resolution and medium quality nothing to see really and the only way you can go through the pictures is by clicking on a date and then you can see the girl, but other than that no thumbnail browsing. The ex-wives section is probably what is gonna make this site 2 stars instead of 2½ then, more work has gone into this section where each girl is represented by a thumbnail of her and each girl also has an introduction text. All the girls here (10) also have video clips for you, several actually. Sadly these video clips are feeds so you can't download them (another big drawback). I checked out a good amount of the broadband feeds because I finally found some hardcore and these quicktime feeds were pretty good too.

I checked out these exclusive girls for a while but if the point is to see some actual amateur wife shots that really doesn't come off at all and with a name like youngwives I think that's kinda what you would expect.

If you are in to leased material and the usual 200.000+ pictures seen every where else as well you get your filling of it for sure and that's what this site lives on. When you take the preview you get the usual talk about how extremely many pictures they have here and right after they cleverly mention that you get access to exclusive galleries, of course the 200.000 isn't but you have to figure that out for yourself ;)

1 month: $29.99


I rambled a bit too much here considering that I should probably just have chucked this up to be big leaser site and given it 2 stars but the ex-wives section was ok and I actually spent like 30 minutes there or so. It's far from enough to keep anyone interested for more than a day or two and given that you can't download the video clips you hardly get anything for your money, except what you get everywhere else too. 2½ stars what can I say?...


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