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Review of Bare Sandals:

I dare anyone who is in to feet to smell mine and still say they like feet. Well this site is obviously run by a true lover of these body parts, again I am left reviewing a site outside my own fetish area but let me see if I can reflect what you will find on the inside here.

The site is very neatly organized and extremely easy to navigate, there are absolutely no confusing banners, links or pictures anywhere, it's kept very stylish all over. The site is devided in to 3 sections:

Here you will find pictures of feet & sandals taken on different locations in public. There are 17 subsections here and each contain 5 photo shoots. You will also find video clips on some of the shoots here.

Browse by models, currently there are 15 here and they all do several photo shoots and offer video clips as well in mpeg format. The clips are of course without sound, I say of course because the clips simply focus on the feet/sandals so what would you need it for?

Though you will find the video clips in the other two sections I liked the fact that I could just go here and find all the video material. Also there really isn't that big a difference between the candid/models video clips, it's all feet baby!

All the pictures as well as the video clips are very sharp and very "focussed". A typical photo shoot will consists of around 10 pictures where 2 are full shots of the model and 8 are feet pictures. It's a very stylish site and of course very softcore, I don't know if feetlovers generally want nudity but there is nothing here so I of course doubt it this is considered porn, but it's a fetish for sure so here it is.

They were listed in euros and 1 euro is almost = $1
1 month: €9.95

I hope it came off that I found this site extremely hard to review but if I should sum it up I would say that it's a fair price for the content you get, the quality is also ok considering what the pictures focus on and the site was easy to navigate. All in all feetlovers should go check it out at least.


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