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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $19.95/30 days

Review of Sweet Pix:

Sweetpix is a site that, like the name suggests, offers pictures of sweet, and dare I say innocent, looking girls. Sitting here writing the review now, I’m rather relieved that I actually stayed and checked out the site because I came pretty close not to. The site design is very un-pretty, you should go there yourself and check it out it might even frighten you away…. Did you look? Rather messy huh? Yes I know, and I’m sorry to say it doesn’t get much better on the inside except you loose a lot of the banners.

If you are not scared off by now and still want to know more about what this site is about you are also in for some nice surprises along the way, and if you don’t wanna know more, well then I just don’t see why you keep reading!

What really made me give this site another chance to make a new first impression (is that possible?) was the low price of the site. $11 for 1 month isn’t gonna put either of us out of business so it should be interesting to see how much porn we get for our bucks….. We get quite a lot!

Given the name of the site I thought it wise to inspect the picture archives here and I was imagining a very small archive for $11 with low resolution pictures and (pardon my language) ugly girls. Luckily this business can still throw out a few surprises for a hardened porn-fanatic like myself. As it turns out there was a flood of pictures here and they were all of high resolution. Granted most of it isn’t exclusive, in fact most of the content is licensed to sweetpix but with a few exclusive shots here and there.

Of course there was a surplus of teens and there were a lot of “sweet” girls no doubt about that. My biggest surprise though was that there were also hardcore pictures, a small collection of boy/girl pictures and a lot of girl/girl too.
The majority of the girls were teenage-looking with the round faces that make them look especially cute. BUT should you get a bit bored with teen there is actually a “Tired Of Teens” section where they feature:

“Photos of women from the time when

tatoos and pierced bodyparts

mainly was found on sailors and Maori tribesmen.”

Overall there was a very nice selection of pictures and it seems a new set is added every other day and they are trying to bring you 1 exclusive set each week. I liked the pictures, my only burp would be that I had seen some of the sets before and that not all the pictures are equally sharp, some even blurry.

The video section is not really impressive since there is of course nothing exclusive here. First I went for the clips that could be downloaded, these were of medium quality at best so I looked at the streams. There were selections here (well actually 3 but 2 of them linked to the same material) the first was the vivthomasvideo feeds. These feeds are great, I know they are know being leased to other sites but if you haven’t seen them before you are in for a treat, only problem is it makes you want to download them, but you can’t ;)

1 month: $10.95


If you are in to the cute teen look this is a great site to start out from if you are not just starting out you might recognize a lot of the pictures so be aware of this. Some other burps are the design and all the banners and links etc. you have to put up with. Having said this you get a lot for your money so I leave it up to you.


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