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Review of Artemis Bound:

Meet Artemis one of the cutest girls you'll see online in a long time if you ask me, she asked me to review her site (that's right she actually e-mailed me… wow!). She doesn't have high hopes for this review because of what I might have written about other bound/fetish sites I would hate for people to think though that I don't like bound sites all together.

"My first bondage experience was when I was 14. My boyfriend tied me to his mother's bed, spread eagle, with some of his dad's ties and sashes. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten away, but it was too much fun getting groped and fondled."

I just read her biography starting from her first sexual experience to the opening of this site, very interesting reading and she dishes out a lot of personal stuff in order for us to get to know her motivations for doing this site, it works.

Before I even entered the members area I had seen two small pictures of Artemis and I was keeping my fingers crossed so hard that this site would be filled with just pictures of her, actually to the point where my hand started to cramp up. And sure enough, on the inside I got to see a lot of her but it didn't take all that long for the first disappointment to surface. All the pictures here are indexed by a descriptive text of the shoot e.g. "The Hiker", "Lily the Snitch" etc. I like the idea of the text describing the shoot but the listing is a bit messy and a nice sample thumbnail is never a bad idea.

All the sets have a small story attached to them, it's not like some other bound sites where they just featured tied up girls and call it a day. No, the shoots contain a nice amount of imagination and the story just adds the spice for each set.

Artemis plays the part of a "damsel in distress" to perfection whereas her counter part "the bad guy" who is usually portrayed by the photographer Chase could use some "Still-shots acting classes. You really feel that Artemis is scared and helpless on the pictures if it wasn't for Chase looking like mime than an attacker/rapist. Than god he's not the one we're looking at, no honestly, I wasn't, I was looking at Artemis being tied up, I WAS!

I think Artemis is aware of most of the burps I'm going to dish up now but here it goes.

Though there is a small Mpeg archive here it's really not worth much, the quality is the lowest I have ever seen on any mpeg clips on any site. If you blow some of them up to full screen you will honestly have trouble making out what's going on if it wasn't for the sound.

I would also have loved the pictures to be more accessible, for example, she has a lot of other female models drop by for a shoot but they are listed just like the rest. I think Artemis should make her own section "All ME!" so people like me could just sit and slobber away over her.

Overall I liked the pictures but mainly because of Artemis, the quality was good and sharp most of the time with a few unfortunate misty ones. Also the Candid photos section is fun, more of those ! I think there is around 100 photo sessions online.

1 month: $9.95


Well the site is not overpriced but then again the site doesn't give you the feeling that a lot of work goes in to it. I'm sure she does work a lot on it and she does update with a new set each week. However for this site to really rise above anything else she needs to get her material better sorted out and either get better quality mpeg online or trash them all together. If she is worried about bandwidth etc. (since she hardly charges anything) maybe she could consider a better compressed format? I wanted to shell out a lot of stars for this site but that would be mainly because of my infatuation with Artemis, so I end at 3 stars with hopes of giving her more one day. However go check out her biography here and maybe you'll fall in love with her on the spot and be happy to pay $10 for her pictures.


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