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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Prices: $20.00/30 days
$60.00/365 days

Review of Naked News:

Some of you North American people will no doubt already know about this site, or it's actually tv channel which is available as pay-per-view for you. For the rest you, yes! This is the news, read by naked women (or men but I won't go in to that part). My visit here was shortly entertaining but it was an experience and after this I'm out looking for nakedsurvivor and nakedjeopardy, if they are not out there yet, I'm sure they will be ;)

So… this is the news… and eh… they read the news… while being naked. You would think there would be a lot more to it than that wouldn't you? You are expecting me to whip out the thesaurus and spice this puppy up with a lot of talk (I'm doing it!) but I don't see the need.

This actually is the porn answer to CNN, the girls are really pretty good announcers and they achieve to stay focused and reading you the news while elegantly slipping out of their clothes. They have all the topics you would expect from a news channel; International News, Global Report, North American News (where the station is located), Sports, Entertainment, Weather Report, Business Report, Fringe News.
I'll admit I just watched today's show and then the 5 behind-the-scenes clips, after that I didn't really feel like sticking around. I watched all the clips in quicktime format at the highest quality and though it was feeds it ran VERY well for me. They offer you the feeds in Real Media and Windows Media as well so you might prefer that, I'm just crazy about Quicktime when it comes to those 3.

Sometimes the girls will read the news, and while doing so, they slowly take off their clothes (yes all of it) but they still achieve to look dead serious and professional. They have 10 female announcers here and almost all are great lookers so it's enjoyable to watch, but after a good 30 minutes here I simply didn't see the point in sticking around. I guess this is mostly for curious people who have had this twisted fantasy about naked news announcers because I sure didn't hear a word of what these girls were on about. Sure I heard a lot of yakking but when the girls took their clothes off my mind was elsewhere.

1 month: $9.95


It's a nice idea and it's done professionally, no doubt! I don't think $10 for a month is a lot for this service at all and on second thought I might actually just stick around for a while mainly because it's a great place to go when you are bored ;) Having said this, of course I prefer the "real" news, these girls simply make it hard to concentrate on what's being said but if you are in a position where you don't know what to do about 25 minutes of the day why not look at some naked chics announcing the news? If you are, however, just out for nudity it's the wrong place.


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