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Review of The Bivvy:

The guys who run this site was very interested in knowing what we think about the site, I suppose it was an invite for me to do a review. I guess I could just have replied back "it's ok" but you know me, I get a bit wordy!

First off, English is not my first language so I can't help but wonder what "bivvy" means, I tried my old pal but that struck out (pssst! mail me what it means!) so here I am none the wiser.

My very first impression of the site was "wow!" this look snazzy, I've always felt that porn should be delivered to us, the consumers, in a beautiful package and not just in brown paper bags for no one to see. This site does it very well, they have a brand new idea of how to present their material and I liked it a lot, you should at least go see it. The pages oozed of activity, lots of text and fun features and I got the impression at first that there would be a lot of material here, mainly because they say they update every day.

Sadly there wasn't very much on this VERY new page yet, there was 1341 pictures spread out over 15 models, that is not a lot luckily the membership price also reflects this. ¨

The models they have so far all have that youngish, schoolgirlish look, well I guess cute is the word and the pictures are of good quality not much more to say about that except maybe that I did not find any video clips yet but I guess they will be adding some in the future like they say (the site is 2 days old, come on!).

It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone in to the design of this page and no doubt it really looks slick, however the navigation is tricky and I think they should work on that right away before more content is added. It's hard to explain it really but you get a list of thumbnails and sometimes there are so many you have to scroll down to click on the last ones, but when you do this, it scrolls back up to show you the picture, annoying really. Also you don't see any kind of loading progress when hitting a thumbnail, at first I was thinking "this shit doesn't work" but then a few seconds later a fully loaded picture was presented to me. Maybe it would be a good idea to just show something like "loading" so you know the links are actually working.

Other than this the 3 guys who run this place are very actively involved with the site and they seem determined to make something better, just plain old better. They are very active on the message board where everyone can participate for free they just have to register.

1 month: $7.95


you saw right, at the moment it only costs $8 a month to be a fully privileged member of this site, damn cheap. The only problem is that there really isn't much here so I guess you can't actually say that it's a good buy no matter how much price match content. I will hopefully revisit this site in a month or two and confirm the daily updates and see some videos etc., I think these guys are out for blood and getting reviewed 2 days after you started isn't easy….. 3 stars but is sure to up in the future ;)


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