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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $5.95/3 days, rebills at $34.95
$34.95/30 days
$79.95/90 days

Review of Butt Cam:

This is a collective review of the Sweetloads package deal. In this package you get access to 7 sites all in all this review looks over all of them.

Aaaah sweetloads, if you translated this directly in my language we actually have a candy that is called this way so naturally I was already thinking about sweet innocent girls. You know the kind that always wear bright colored clothes who gets the job done before the last minute and hardly every speaks up. Well, if these are the girls I just saw here, they have a VERY dark side to them because the site turned out to be nothing of what I expected.

It all started on the very first page, I could tell that I was in for some serious hardcore and when I saw the names of 6 other sites I would get access to when signing up I got ready for some fetish action. However here I got a little annoyd with the many many popups I had to deal with to navigate this site outside the members area.

When I got in I discovered that all the sites were neatly tied together in the way that you can easily jump from one site to the other and maybe I should just break down the sites for you so you know what you are getting from each of them:

Each site offers all material in video and photos (some are video caps) and do not vary a lot in design at all (almost similar all of them).

Sweeloads: Blowjobs in abundance shot in 1st person perspective (from Steve's) where all the scenes are beautifully ended by cumshot galore.

Buttcam: Very anal oriented site with some extreme anal close ups and lots of strange toys penetrations.

Sadoslaves: "Here we have professional still photos of the most deranged S/M acts the Sadomaster can dream up!" Has lots of bondage, pain string ups whatever you can think of.

Peelover: "Here we have voyeur videos of girls pissing in public washrooms, girls getting pissed on by men, girls pissing into bowls and jars, girls pissing into their own mouth with a catheter, and more!!! You'll also see the photos (frame grabs) from the video shoot." I don't have much to add here, golden showers for everyone.

The Dirty Old Man: "This is Mike, the charming pornographer. He loves to seduce and corrupt young girls he picks up on the street and his only goal is to rob them of their ANAL VIRGINITY. It seems these horny young girls need a patient older man to teach them how its done so they follow him right home to begin the lessons!" Old dirty bastard in action! (no not him)
Fisting Lessons: One of the more extreme sites in the package, the girls fist themselves in both holes and some of them get pretty banged up at times, pretty extreme.

Miss Pain: A torture site, not much content really just "miss pain" having her way with some girls and a few guys.

Jake Busts Nuts: A site similar to other "reality porn"-sites like Jake gets his hands on some girls and fucks them hard and anal.

Not each site is overwhelming in content, in fact it looks like they are busy making sure they put up new ones every now and then and so some of them do not seem to grow that fast (if they do at all). I'll admit I didn't spend much time at the fetish site like peelover and fisting lessons, instead I checked out the latest site Jake Busts Nuts and Sweetloads.

Sweetloads is the biggest in content so far with 34 models. The other sites have around half that. The quality is not the best in video quality out there, they have chosen to offer you downloads in WMF and QuickTime format and the same formats as streaming if you want in various quality. I only looked at the best quality and I only downloaded clips (because I don't like streaming one bit and never will). The clips are medium in quality really and get pretty blurry in full screen but the sound quality was top notch and that helped quite a bit.

All the sites are pretty nasty as you might have figured out by now, and it's actually quite fun to hear Steve Sweet telling the girls how lucky they are to be sucking his dick and seeing out Jake gets his girls in to action (pretty damn fast).


To really get the most for your bucks here you have to like the bizarre sex and various fetishes otherwise you are simply paying too much and should look for other video sites, but if you like a healthy combinations of the fetishes you should check this one out. The popups on the frontpage are DAMN annoying though!!!


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