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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, MP4, Windows

Prices: $9.99/3 days, rebills at $34.99
$34.99/30 days
$79.99/90 days

Review of Amateur Upskirts:

Yahoo! (no commercial indented) it's another panties-site, can you ever get enough of those? There has been a great demand on these lately and the tendency seems to be, that when something in xxx get in great demand the internet gets flooded with lame-wannabe-spam-low-quality-pop-upping sites. And at first site this may look like a copy of the cheapest porno mag at the supermarket, but this site pulls through though... read on.

When I got in the members section, my "feel" for the site didn't really change, I still felt like I had wasted my daily porn-money on a low-design-bad-rip-off site. But there were links to galleries and video feeds so how bad could it really be? The "start-here" button seemed like a good idea, this gave me an idea of how often this site updates, which seems to be every 3rd day, pretty good considering how much they put up each time. They add lots of pictures so you can imagine that their database has gotten to be quite big, which it has, but only in one category and that is up skirt/panties. All in all there are not that many pictures to view, and no hardcore but the title of the site already suggests that. The video feeds were plenty and I must have seen about 10 different feeds so far, but there were a lot more on the site, and links to many more as well.

The design really is non-existing. It's a black background with red/white letters and that's it. A design I think has been excessively abused on xxx sites.
The pictures are of average/good quality and they deliver what the site promises. The picture content seems to be exclusive too, which means you won't get them anywhere else, I guess.
The videos on the site were quite good, but most of them were without sound, but it didn't matter all that much since the feeds were smooth and fast, nice quality.

The special feature of this site is the game section. It has 4 JAVA games: Asteroids bridges, black jack and break out. The even more special thing about these games is that they have absolutely no xxx content in them.....bummer. Besides, they are old and look pretty bad.

I actually enjoyed the site, I've seen better quality and I was disappointed with the games, but their content is good, and if you enjoy panty pictures you will enjoy this site. Also the price of $20 for a month is a fair price. The site won't win any awards on quality or quantity but it's ok.

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