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Review of KA Auditions:

The future Mrs. and I ate pretty good last week. Using the techniques presented by KAuditions, we managed to smuggle most of the produce department, three bottles of distilled water, and even a whole baked ham out of the store without paying for them. It's amazing what will fit up in there with enough stretching. I've got my eye on a few lobsters for our next week's grocery trip, but I'm afraid the taste will be affected. (The taste of the lobsters that is.) Apparently, you can fit all kinds of crazy shit in a lovehole. Zucchini, loaves of bread, birthday cakes, boxes of cat litter, you name it! And I thought that thing was just a holster for Little Gripper!

The only caveat with this method of shoplifting is that you end up having to clamp her shut with some of those roach clips because stuff will just fall out of her. I recommend wearing pantyhose so it doesn't hit the floor. Somewhere there is a security camera with what appears to be a woman giving birth to a cabbage.

Yep, you guessed it, fetish site. Think of an object…. Any object. Okay, I'm willing to bet that there is a video somewhere of a woman shoving whatever is you are thinking of up her cha-cha. I'm trying to figure out where you go from watermelons. I mean, no man is ever going to do the trick after that. Hell, I'm not even sure a horse's dick would be able to make contact with all the inside walls of a woman's twat that had been bored out by one of those "Big Gulp" glasses from Circle K. I think that men with prosthetic limbs would have the best chance with women like these; you could detach your leg and shove it up in her. That might work.

The hip bone is connected to the…


Site Contents

The site promises:

We have hundreds of videos in Windows Media File (wmv) format plus we will be adding constantly to give you the ultimate in adult entertainment. We have looked at several different video formats and came to conclusion that wmv format gives relatively fast download for its preservation of image quality. Images below are actual screen shots of some of the video clips in our collection. You'll see about 5 to 10 full-length featured videos with sound added every week and the database will grow. You'll love the quality of the video and sound. Images below are actual screen captures from some of our videos.

· Thousands of photos (18,000 +)

· 49+ Amateur Girls

· Constantly Updated

The premise of the site is that they place an ad in the local paper and invite amateur girls to their studios for some modeling. They then inform the models that they have to audition and insert various objects into various orifices.

Sadly, you don't get to see the con job. It's not like the Bang Bros. These guys are much more respectful of the models and are straight up about what's going on. So, if you like watching women get really pissed when the van drives off, leaving them on the corner with no money and cum still drying on their tits, this site isn't for you. Technically it's Reality Porn, but the emphasis is on fetish and not on bamboozling women.

There is some hardcore and some lesbian play intermingled with the videos of spatula love, but it's not really for the hardcore-only fans.

From my count, the numbers they claim are pretty accurate. The content is exclusive and the material is of excellent quality. The vids do full screen, many of them nicely. The images are pristine and the girls are pretty hot. There are some extras too, but it's just more of the same content only via creative delivery methods. Nothing worth going into great detail about.


Updates are consistently frequent and robust. Nice job.

Video Details

Lots of videos, all in the WMV format. There are hand cam videos that are a minute in length and the feature films are anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes long. Again, the videos are of good quality for an amateur site. I was able to watch many of them in full screen mode.

All Videos are Downloadable

Picture Details

Your pictures come from the Auditions galleries. Presumably, these are the shoots that the girls participate in their first time around. The galleries are arranged by model and easily navigable. They could enhance the experience by zipping them up for you.

Navigation and Site Design

The site is clean, professional, and free of ads. The only thing lacking is the ability to find all the videos and shoots by model. If you like what you see in the image galleries, you're going to have to hunt around for videos from the same model.

I didn't notice any real order to how the videos were laid out. I'm guessing it's chronological. You'll need to browse around to find what you like; it's not sorted by category either. But all in all, you shouldn't have much trouble.

Membership Details

There are many methods of payment. I notice that if you go the 6 month route, you won't be automatically renewed at the end of your term.

· Credit Card

o 1 Month: $24.99

o 6 Months: $69.99

· Check

o 1 Month: $24.99

o 6 Months: $69.99

· Direct Debit (Direct debit is available in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands.)

· Pay by Phone

o 1 Month: $25.00

Overall Impression

Nice site. Hot girls. No ads. Plenty of Content. Regularly updated. Great introduction for turning a vagina into an internal version of the Fanny Pack. The navigation could be tweaked a little more and the galleries need to be zipped up. If you like watching women make toothbrush caddies out of their womanhood, you'll enjoy the site. I think the price is fair, but I wouldn't call it a bargain.

Have fun with this site, the future Mrs. and I are going "shopping" for a new washer/dryer set.

-- Gripper (


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