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Review of Nylon Fantasies:

My grandmother was a pantyhose kind of gal. She wore them until the day she died, at all times. I think we even buried her with her favorite pair. In her later years, we'd find her out in the middle of a cornfield clad in nothing but some sheer stockings and some of those waterproof rubber boots. Of course, she had some bowel control problems, which made for some images that scar me to this day. I will say this; pantyhose are great for holding adult diapers in place.

I'm pretty fucking pissed off as I write this. I absolutely fucking hate when ads for other content which require you to shell out even more fucking money are intermixed with the material you actually paid for. It's not enough that I took the plunge and handed my most guarded credit card number to some personally-run site and I'm already paying $20 a month. Oh no, they have to plant off-site links to content which is only obtainable by paying yet again.

I swear, are we really THIS fucking stupid that we fall for some of these rackets. Specifically, I'm referring to a "live feed" cam site that is linked from Nylon Fantasies. It's supposed to be live video and chat, where you can talk to the girl whose posing. I was literally screaming at my monitor "IT'S FUCKING PRERECORDED YOU DUMBASSES!" There is some person (I won't even assume it was a girl) chatting with the poor saps inside the channel while to the left there is a slide show of stills. The person we were chatting with really said nothing but ‘Come on go private.' What does "Go Private" mean? It means that you aren't going to see shit until you pay even MORE FUCKING MONEY. The chat members were trying to get this girl to take off her top, do specific poses, etc… Of course it never fucking happened. I couldn't even get her to hold up the "Peace Sign" just to prove it was actually live.

I'm going to start a Better Business Bureau for porn sites. Only, I'm going to take it a step further. I'm going to have porn police. If I find a site that's a huge waste of money and swindles poor unsuspecting perverts into wasting their hard-earned money on complete shit, I'm first going to launch a hack attack on their Web server and then I'm going to show up at their headquarters and start beating the shit out of the hustlers with a nightstick.

Not only that, but I'm going to film the entire event. I'll take my footage and make it available for free to all those poor saps that paid for the membership just so they know that vengeance has been delivered on their behalf. It's going to be my personal quest to clean up the porn industry. To do this, I'll need some starting capital, so you can send me donations via Pay Pal at Contact Us. Anything you can give will be appreciated.

Now, this isn't what Nylon Fantasies is all about, it's just one (of many) of the off-site links. But this makes Nylon Fantasies guilty of these atrocities as though they were doing it themselves. Think about it, if you drive the getaway car for a group of guys who just robbed a bank… YOU go to jail too!

Site Contents

Take a good look at the girl on main page of the site. You are going to see A LOT of her if you pay your way into the members' area. Unfortunately, you won't see her getting the senses banged out of her. It's not that kind of site. Oddly enough, you will see her squatting over a glass bowl, emptying her bladder. It's a pantyhose site, plain and simple. If only the layout of the site and content navigation was as straightforward, we might be on to something.

There are a lot of pictures and some videos. LOTS of off-site content and MOST of it is teasers for other pay sites. The more I think about it, the closer I get to bashing my head right into my monitor. If I had health insurance, I'd have done it already.

This is mainly an image site with some videos. Maria throws in some additional content, but much of it is ads for other sites. Here is the list:

· Still images of Maria in pantyhose and other various undergarments and outfits. (About 3800 pictures)

· Video Clips of Maria in her garb, peeing, being eaten out, nothing hardcore.

· Still images of Maria's "friends" wearing outfits of various types. I counted 35 models each of which have at least one gallery composed of around 50 pictures each. Some of the girls are hot and there is a variety.

· Maria's Biography

· A Free Membership to Pantyhose Friends

· Miscellaneous Pix of everything from clothing catalogs to Asian chicks bound by ropes. There's a few hundred pix here.

· A Link to Live Fetish Girls which is a pitiful webcam/chat site. There was nothing going on when I reviewed the site.

· A Link to the Pornication Adult Store. Gee thanks, I never could have found that myself. Thanks for putting it right in the middle of all the fucking content links.

· A Link to Pornication Web Cams, which is the site that drove me into a raving frenzy (see above).

· 1-on-1 Pay-per session Web Cam sessions with Maria.

· Links to a whole bunch of other pantyhose sites that require your money to show you anything of significance.

· Links to a bunch of other solo sites with teaser galleries.

· Buy Maria's used crusty pantyhose.



The site is refreshed with a new image gallery every few days.

Video Details

There are about 38 videos of Maria (your hose-clad host) wearing various outfits. Some are Real Media, some are WMV, you don't get to choose. The vids can handle full-screen, but the three I downloaded had really bad lighting. There's some foot-on-dick action in one and she gets eaten out in at least one other. There may be some additional videos tucked away in the myriad of off-site links, but I don't really care.

Picture Details

Around 3800 pictures of the main model. These are arranged by outfit and some of the galleries are available in 800x600 and 1024x768, but most are 800x600. The pics are pretty good, but there is lots of room for improvement. I think they are scans, but what do I know? Oh, and you aren't afforded the luxury of downloading zips, you'll have to do the right-click shuffle.

Navigation and Site Design

The Navigation is complete crap. The Members' area is cluttered with banner ads. The real content is mixed in with links to other pay sites. The Web cams are teasers, and they aren't very good at even doing that. Navigation within the image galleries isn't great either, I kept finding myself back at the main page, from which you have to start all over again. I'm still boggled by how they screwed up the "back" function of the Web browser. It was a frustrating experience.

Membership Details

1 Month -- $18.95

Overall Impression

All in all, Maria is putting a lot of content out there. And if you are REALLY into pantyhose and don't need much of anything else to float your boat, then this site will be of some value to you. Again, if you don't like the looks of Maria pictured on the front page, don't even bother. Yeah, there are other chicks inside, but Maria is the star of the show. Personally, I wouldn't bother, but do you really want to take your advice from someone who can't even get a job at the US Post Office?

-- Gripper


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