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Review of Bbw Pantyhose:

Aaah yes! It is indeed another pantyhose site, but fortunately this one seperates itself quite a bit from the others. To recommend this site to you I would have to say you must like Big Beautiful Women (BBW get it?) and it would also be a big plus if pantyhoses gets your ticker thumping. Though this site is primarily built up around one model, Mickey (yes it's a girl!) you also get other big panty-women and get this… men in pantyhoses as well. The last one I had a bit of trouble relating to and though I really searched my soul to see the purpose of a men section here I didn't find it. I mean it really must be directed to one of two target groups, gay guys or women, feel free to send in other suggestions here ;)

Before I even got started going through the content here I was almost scared off by the design of the page. I try not to dwell on this on most sites but this one could use a makeover, in it's defence I could say that the prices here are low so you could probably compare it to a discount market those never "sparkle" either. The navigation also get tricky because of this and it certainly doesn't contribut to a smooth experience.

Putting that aside I dove in to the pictures and what really keeps these going is Mickey. Mickey does a lot of photo shoots and if she doesn't tickle your fancy there is not much more for you and you can check out Mickey on the 3 sample pictures (they are all her). She has roughly 60 photos hoots online and some are for a very strange reason located in a very small "archive" section. I'll be honest, there is no need for the archive section, if it should really be there it should be better organized, right now it's a mess. Her pictures are of fair quality though, not really "glossy" but in good resolution and pretty sharp.

Besides Mickey there are 15 other models, all big and all wearing pantyhoses and they account for 50 photo shoots more, again you can find some in the archive as well but like I said, that's tricky.

Though there are very few of them I think it's fair to mention that Mickey offers you some video clips, 4 sessions to be exact. All are low quality and small, also I didn't get the point about zipping real media files…… I didn't notice any save in file size at all all it really was, was a hassle.

I'm about to wrap this review up because the site didn't really impress in anyway but a few more things I would point is that there is a "loyal members area" this is for those who have been a member of minimum 2 months, if that's where all the goodies are that's a different matter they couldn't hold me for that long to see it though.

Mickey has a Bio up of herself, very few lines, basic info and her turn ons that's it, overall you don't really get the feeling that Mickey is around, best way to interact or get info from her would be through the message boards which is very rarely used by the members… or Mickey.

The site is updated at least once a week but in general Mickey does better than that and can easily add 3 or maybe 4 photo session in one setting.

1 month: $14.95


I was about to run out screaming "look I found something for the big women lovers", instead I will save my enthusiasm till I find a more quality oriented site. Look at Mickey's pictures, you know how many sets you get, and if you want them $14.95 isn't expensive, but I think I can do better (but maybe not with a combined pantyhose fetish… your call).


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